Hamilton promises a “gift” to the spectators of Spa |  FormulaPassion.it

Hamilton promises a “gift” to the spectators of Spa | FormulaPassion.it

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Hamilton promises a “gift” to the spectators of Spa |  FormulaPassion.it

The world of Formula 1 is still in a sea of ​​controversy after what happened in the race Belgian Grand Prix, which lasted only two laps behind the Safety Car. After a long and interminable wait in the rain, the spectators flocked to Spa-Francorchamps they then witnessed a “show” that never went on stage, with consequent – and inevitable – controversies.

F1 is considering several options to allow fans present in Belgium to obtain compensation: from the classic refund of tickets up to the validity of the latter in view of future events. Apart from the hypotheses examined by the circus and the organizers, several teams and drivers have in any case contested the decisions made by the FIA, underlining their closeness to all those who have not been able to enjoy the event by staying for hours under water and in the cold. .

In this sense, one of the most active in protesting against the Federation was – and is – Lewis Hamilton. The reigning world champion did not in the least appreciate what happened in Spa-Francorchamps, and wanted to address a thought to the hundreds of people present on the Ardennes route: through the canal Instagram ‘lhamiltoncrew’, the British driver has indeed promised a “Special gift” to all those who – through the link indicated in the bio – will be able to demonstrate the actual purchase of the ticket valid for the GP.

It has not been specified, however, what type of recognition of traits, but all this does nothing but underline the regret of the British driver after the events of last Sunday. The appeal of The Hammer did not go unnoticed by the admirers and supporters of the latter, who connected to the community site of their fans to be able to register and present the credentials to obtain this particular gift by the seven-time world champion.

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