Harvest Moon: One World is available on PC

Harvest Moon: One World is available on PC

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Harvest Moon: One World is available on PC

Natsume And Appci announce that starting today Harvest Moon: One World is also available worldwide on PC.

We will be able to buy the title via Steam at the introductory price of € 41.99. Although the software house in the past has also announced the arrival of an Xbox One version, at the moment we do not know when this will be released. While waiting to learn more, here is a brief overview of the game.

Havest Moon: One World – Overview

Manage an expanding farm as you explore a world full of adventures, different cultures and new friends

A long time ago, a fertile and resourceful world flourished under the protection of the Harvest Goddess. Creatures large and small populated the lush landscapes and fruits and vegetables grew in abundance all year round. However, its inhabitants, once filled with gratitude for such prosperity, over time lost their respect for nature. The earth withered and with it the power of the goddess. But despite everything, the goddess never lost hope that one day someone would restore the world to its former glory …

Run your own farm

Roll up your sleeves and dive into agricultural life, taking care of the crops and animals on your small farm. Thanks to the fruits of your labor, you will be able to obtain money with which to transform your humble abode into a thriving farm!

A unique world

A great adventure awaits you! You will embark on a journey that will take you to explore five interconnected regions, each with a different climate, flora and fauna.

Take root

Your farm is so state-of-the-art that you can pack it up and take it with you to new shores! People from each region have adapted their cultivation techniques to the indigenous climate. To thrive in your new home, you’ll need to take inspiration from the locals, learning how to take care of pastures, grow rice, care for reindeer, and more!

The seeds of success

Potatoes are the only crop left in this once thriving world. To get new seed species you will need the Harvest Fairies. If only they were easy to find… Plus, seeds grow differently depending on where you plant them, which can give rise to all new crops!

Make new friendships blossom

During your adventures you will meet and help a number of interesting characters. Make new friends and participate in local festivals to become an integral part of the community. And not only that: there are five charming bachelors and five gorgeous girls looking for true love! Get married with one of them and form a family!

Unleash your creativity

Express your individuality by customizing your character’s appearance and creating items for your home!

Source: Natsume, Appci via Gematsu

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