HBO Max: Joker, Mad Max, 1917 and Other Oscar Winners You Must See

HBO Max: Joker, Mad Max, 1917 and Other Oscar Winners You Must See

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HBO Max: Joker, Mad Max, 1917 and Other Oscar Winners You Must See

HBO Max is already a reality for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. His arrival has been through the front door this June 29, and fans cannot be more than excited by the extensive content that is included in the new streaming service, which is powered by allied brands such as DC, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, among others.

In fact, the catalog is so varied that we can find from series as modern as Euphoria, to iconic productions such as Sex and the city. The selection of films has also been endowed with applauded titles. Therefore, we show you a list of acclaimed feature films, which They are recognized by the Oscars, included in the streaming service.


Based on the beloved villain from the DC comics, Joker gives us a background on the history of Batman’s enemy in an ambitious production starring Joaquin Phoenix. The specialized critics cheered the film and, especially, the work of the actor and its director, Tod Phillips, in a staging that earned him a nomination for eleven golden statuettes, of which he took two (best actor and best original soundtrack).


Directed by Sam Mendes, the film brings us closer to two young soldiers, Blake and Schofield, who are summoned by the general in charge to send an important message to Colonel MacKenzie, of the 2nd Devonshire Battalion, whose telephone connection has been cut by the enemy. .

Along the way they realize that they must continue with the mission through a terrain dominated by enemy forces, where time is their worst ally. With this story development involved, the Academy awarded the film with a nomination in ten categories, including best film. However, he only managed to get three statuettes: better sound, photography and visual effects.

HBO Max: Joker, Mad Max, 1917 and Other Oscar Winners You Must See


Chiron finds himself immersed in a routine marked by abuse from schoolmates older than him. The frightened boy finds refuge in an abandoned crack den, where Juan, a drug dealer, takes him under his wing. However, the young man is condemned to live a predestined existence, trapped in a vicious circle, especially when he is estranged from his negligent mother, who suffers from a severe addiction to illegal substances sold by Juan.

Chiron becomes an introverted teenager struggling with his identity. Only a tough facade can protect you against the world. After all these years, three periods define a vulnerable young adult who, above all, continues to battle against complex repressed emotions.