He dropped his iPhone from a plane at 3,400 meters, found it and could not believe how it was

He dropped his iPhone from a plane at 3,400 meters, found it and could not believe how it was

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He dropped his iPhone from a plane at 3,400 meters, found it and could not believe how it was

The product engineers of the cell phone brands subject the equipment to all kinds of tests to find out the maximum resistance they are capable of withstanding under different conditions. What no one ever dared to experiment is that would happen if someone throws an iPhone from a height of 3,400 meters.

This inadvertent action was carried out by a pilot who, on his journey from Colorado Springs to Atlanta, reached out of the window to snap a photo of a billowing cloud formation using his iPhone X.

The plane had a large plexiglass canopy with small side windows that could be opened during flight. After the second attempt, a small bag of swirl moved his hand too close to the passenger window and the iPhone was sucked into the wake of the plane.

David himself tells in a forum of aviators that his iPhone X survived a 3,400-meter fall from a plane Diamond DA40 when flying at a speed of 280 km / h.

Although it is incredible, the owner of the iPhone X was able to recover his equipment.

Upon reaching his destination, the pilot was unwilling to give up his expensive device. It occurred to him to use a replacement iPhone 6S to track the iPhone X using the Find My app.

The first thing that struck him was that the team had survived the impact, since was able to transmit the location. On the map it showed a point in the city of Blythe, Arkansas.

Out of curiosity and since the journey involved a detour of just 30 kilometers from his usual route, David decided to go out in search of the phone. It was a rural area, where many plots were planted with soybeans, corn and other crops.

After an unsuccessful search among weeds and grasslands, attentive to the clues his tracker sent him, he discovered the iPhone X, practically intact, still in its Otterbox case.

He dropped his iPhone from a plane at 3,400 meters, found it and could not believe how it was

The phone was working again when the owner put it on charge. AFP photo

When he tried to turn it on, the equipment showed no signs of life, implying that, despite having survived the fall unscathed, some internal component could have been damaged.

When he plugged it into power, he got the first sign of activity – the iPhone X was out of battery. After a while, when the upload is complete, David verified that it was working normally.

The discovery came as a surprise to the pilot and other forum users, given that the iPhone X has a glass front and back, and is believed to have reached a terminal speed of around 200 mph before hitting the ground.

Apple has beefed up the durability of the iPhone even further since the iPhone X of 2017, recently adding a more durable boxy design and Ceramic Shield glass to iPhone 12 to improve resistance to breakage.


It is not the first time that an iPhone has survived a fall from a plane. In 2020, the Brazilian environmentalist and documentary maker Ernesto Galiotto was flying over the Lake District of Rio de Janeiro in a single-engine plane, when he dropped his iPhone 6S while recording a video.

The phone not only kept working even after it touched the ground from 300 meters highInstead, since they were using it to make a video, the phone registered its dizzying descent.

“We walked for about five minutes until we saw the brightness of the sun reflecting off the deck. I was soon able to identify it on a mountain of sand. I took it in my hands and it was intact, working perfectly, with only part of the protective film on the screen broken, ”he recalled.