Health & BioTech Accelerator project, 6 finalist startups awarded

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Health & BioTech Accelerator project, 6 finalist startups awarded

Robotic exoskeletons in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation; wearable devices that communicate in real time with artificial intelligence platforms for telemonitoring of post-discharge patients; regulatory strategies for the placing on the market of innovative drugs for rare diseases and with significant unmet clinical needs. These are some of the innovation and digital transformation objectives pursued by the pilot projects of the 6 international startups selected in the first edition ofHealth & Biotech Accelerator (, a project coordinated by Deloitte Officine Innovazione in collaboration with Msd Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo Rbm Salute and various scientific and technical partners.

Among the ‘finalist’ startups, chosen from over 350 after an 8-month selection process, there is a wide representation of Italian excellence, with 4 startups active on the national territory and 2 based in Finland and Norway. The selected startups are awarded today during the Health & BioTech Accelerator Summit, scheduled in Rome: an event that sees the participation of institutional representatives, the academic-scientific world and companies to stimulate the debate on the value of open innovation in the field of the digital transformation of Healthcare, in order to improve more and more products and services for citizens.

“Innovation in the health and pharmacological fields is, to all intents and purposes, a priority to guarantee the well-being of a country – declares Nicoletta Luppi, President and CEO of Msd Italia – The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology in all areas of our life, including health and there is no turning back. In fact, I believe that a rapid and systemic adoption of new technologies, like innovation in drugs and vaccines, plays a fundamental role in defining resilient and accessible health services for the management of chronic conditions and public health in general “.

“In order not to lag behind in the race for innovation – continues Luppi – we must be able to intercept the trends of a constantly evolving ecosystem and select the right partners. With this in mind, projects such as Health & Biotech Accelerator represent a valuable tool for bringing together the various players in the Health supply chain. Each of us (companies, small startups, institutions and the scientific world) is in fact the bearer of a know-how and a distinctive value. Only together, through healthy and transparent public-private collaboration, can we make a difference for people’s lives and health “, he concludes.

So that digital transformation can fully realize its potential – reads a note – in fact, a plurality of skills is needed that companies do not always possess: for this reason, theopen innovation that, through the signing of partnerships between complementary entities in the technological and pharmaceutical supply chain, can foster true innovation.

“The acceleration in digital transformation, which has affected all areas of social and economic life at a global level, it also played a decisive role in the scientific world, because it is thanks to the speed with which data and information can be shared today that it was possible to give the first answers, in a short time, to the pandemic “, declares Bjorn Oddens, VP Global medical & Scientific affairs of Msd. “This ecosystem – he underlines – requires a remarkable plurality of skills, which is why we are investing in projects such as Health & Biotech Accelerator, which support open innovation by creating valuable connections between the academic world, start-ups and the bio-pharmaceutical industry” .