Health Professions Test Appeal 2021

Health Professions Test Appeal 2021

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Health Professions Test Appeal 2021

Postponed from the initial date, the closed number test for the 2021 Health Professions will be held on 14 September. Consisting of 60 multiple choice questions to be completed in 100 minutes, it will not be the same in all universities. In fact, everyone will have the opportunity to realize it at their discretion following the ministerial indications. To participate it will be necessary to have the Green pass, new this year, and to comply with all the anti-Covid regulations set by the universities.

30,180 candidates will pass, while the others will have to try again the following year. Many will probably choose the appeal against the Health Professions 2021 test, as witnesses of irregularities or against too low a need.

Irregularities: between open packages and use of mobile phones

The irregularities that can be encountered during the test are many. If you witness one of these, it is always good to ask for them to be indicated in the test report so as to keep an official trace. Some examples:

  • damage or marks on the packages;
  • use of mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, headsets, webcams or other similar equipment;
  • interaction between candidates;
  • use of personal stationery material or manuals, school texts, as well as partial reproductions of them, handwritten notes, blank sheets and reference material.

To these can be added errors in the scores of the rankings or questions already used in other competition tests in previous years.

How to proceed to lodge an appeal

Do you notice any obvious irregularities? The next step is the use of the Health Professions 2021 test. The request is possible submit to the TAR, after the ranking has been released. The question in question is in fact the cancellation of the non-admission to the degree course and the adoption of the precautionary suspension measure to obtain admission with reserve. It is a demanding process and it is therefore important to rely on professionals in the sector. The Consulcesi legal network is a leader in the sector and has been dealing with these practices for years. The latest victory dates back to last May 2021, when the Council of State confirmed the suspension of the sentence of the TAR which rejected the appeal of a group of medical students. With the ordinance n.590 / 2021 now the young people, who were registered with reserve, will be able to officially consider themselves inside.

Dates and deadlines for submitting an appeal

The deadline for submitting an appeal is 60 days from the publication of the official ranking of the Test of Health Professions 2021. The only need, after having ascertained that they have not been able to enter, is to confirm the ranking from week to week and for each scrolling. Given the study times of each case, the advice is to be timely and immediately contact specialized lawyers for a quick evaluation of the validity of your appeal. The sooner you act, the better the result.

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