Healthy snack. What can replace sweet

Scientists from the State University of San Diego studied whether eating prunes to reduce, or even prevent, the risk factors for chronic diseases that occur among fans of refined carbohydrate snacks. Their findings were published in the journal Nutrition Research.

Полезный перекус. Чем заменить сладкое

Studies have shown that the inclusion in the human diet of foods rich in fructose, particularly fruits, may reduce the risk of chronic diseases. A team of scientists found that dried plums may increase your intake of nutrients and total antioxidant capacity of cells and improve the lipid profile. In addition, the prunes can potentially reduce obesity and chronic inflammation in the body.

The study

During the eight-week test, the team fed the adults with excess weight portions of cupcakes with low fat content, another group prunes. The calorie content of snacks in both groups did not exceed 100 kcal.
Scientists measured body weight and composition, waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose plasma, insulin, C-peptide, total antioxidant capacity, lipids, adipokines and inflammation in the beginning of the study. They continued their measurements throughout the study.
They also evaluated the levels of glucose and insulin in the postprandial period after consumption of the test meals at baseline and after 8 weeks.
To examine the differences between groups, the researchers used repeated measurements and, when necessary, independent and paired sample t-tests.

The results showed a General increase in the level of dietary fiber and potassium for those who consumed dried plums. In addition, participants who ate dried plums had lower postprandial glycemia.

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