HELLO WORLD: the box that collects the comic series is coming

HELLO WORLD: the box that collects the comic series is coming

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HELLO WORLD: the box that collects the comic series is coming

Star Comics announces the arrival of the box that collects the mini-series of HELLO WORLD, based on the animated film of the same name by Mado Nozaki and Tomohiko Ito, already available in home video under the label Anime Factory (here you can find ours review).

This box will contain both volumes of the manga, which will not be sold separately, and will be available from the next July 14 at the price of € 12.90. Below you can find all the details.

HELLO WORLD: the box that collects the comic series is coming


An unforgettable race against time, available in mid-July

It would be a dream, for many, to meet the self of the future and ask him the most disparate questions, to understand what consequences the choices made in certain periods of their life have brought. What if this person turns out to be a danger instead? Would we still like to meet him or would we rather never cross his path?

Naomi Katagaki will have the good fortune / misfortune to know the Naomi of the future and, starting from that moment, a long chain of events will follow one another, which will start an intense race against time. At stake will be the life of a person who occupies a very important place in Naomi’s heart …

The July 14 it will be possible to read this exciting story thanks to the miniseries in twovolumesHELLO WORLD, based on the acclaimed 2019 animated film of the same name, written by MadoNozaki and directed by TomohikoIto. The manga, designed by ManatsuSuzuki is YoshihiroI’m, will arrive on the shelves of comics and bookstores and in online stores in a elegant collector’s box which will contain both volumes, not sold separately.

Present and future, sentiment and science fiction intertwine, to give life to a timeless, romantic and touching story, capable of moving and thrilling.

HELLO WORLD – BOX will be available from July 14th!

  • Manatsu Suzuki, Yoshihiro Sono
  • 12,8 × 18, B, b / ne col., Pp. 368, with dust jacket, € 12.90
  • Release date: 07/14/2021 in the comic store, bookshop and online store
  • Isbn 9788822624451

One day the shy high school boy NaomiKatagaki he runs into a stranger who claims to be himself ten years later. The man reveals that he will soon be dating a classmate, RuriIchigyo, who, however, will soon be involved in a terrible accident. To save the girl he is in love with, Naomi agrees to team up with the man of the future, but unexpectedly the girl is taken away from him. Intent on finding her and bringing her back, he will be forced to face the other himself… How will the clash between the two Naomi end ?!

Mado Nozaki is a Japanese writer and screenwriter known for writing the novel series Babylon (2015) and the animated film of 2019 Hello World.

Yoshihiro I am is a Japanese draftsman. Among his works King of Thorn (2009), Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2016) and Hello World.

Manatsu Suzuki is a Japanese designer, author of Realist Maou ni Yoru Seiikinaki Isekai Kaikaku (2019) and of Hello World.

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Source: Star Comics

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