Henry Cavill showed culinary talents during the isolation

In a pandemic, many studios have suspended production of its movies and TV shows and postponed release dates of most major upcoming projects. Under quarantine and got the series “the Witcher” Netflix. Accordingly, the cast and crew were sent home.

Генри Кавилл продемонстрировал кулинарные таланты во время самоизоляции

While most people in isolation are watching movies and playing games, the performer of the role of Geralt of Rivia decided to bake bread. Recently, Henry Cavill show off their baking skills in Instagram.

Insulating loaf,

— he signed photo. Many of the subscribers picked up the idea of Henry and asked him to share the recipe.

“Homemade bread for our family! What could be more human! These are challenging times. We can’t even hug each other. But we can grasp this sense of home… Henry is always inspiring us!” “Karantinny bread!”, “How cute is that, Oh, my God!” — write in comments.

The other star of “the Witcher” Christopher Chivu, which must be removed in the second season of the series, is also sitting at home. But, unfortunately, infected with a coronavirus. The actor passed the test and got a positive result. But Chivu not discouraged, and calls people to keep his distance and stay home.

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