Hierarchy and quality, Allegri starts again from three: in goal he finds “his” Juve

Hierarchy and quality, Allegri starts again from three: in goal he finds “his” Juve

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Hierarchy and quality, Allegri starts again from three: in goal he finds “his” Juve

With the last Juventus Max, two years ago, the extreme defenders were the same as those from which we start today: Szczesny, returning in these hours, has the esteem of the coach and has definitively filed the rumors about Donnarumma. At his side Perin guarantees promptness, Pinsoglio reference of the group

Max I start again from three, three years later. Allegri entrusts the door of the new Juve to the same guardians of his last season in black and white. Unconditional trust in Szczesny, a safe alternative with Perin and Pinsoglio, reference of the group in the locker room, as well as a great friend of Cristiano. All under the orders of Coach Claudio Filippi, manager of the club’s goalkeepers and a staple of the staff since 2010, when he arrived in Turin together with Mr. Delneri. The coach is one of the few members who have won all nine league titles, like captain Giorgio Chiellini.


Allegri’s return immediately made clear the hierarchies between the extreme defenders: no doubts about the leadership of Szczesny, back from a season and a fluctuating European but who have not affected the confidence of Max, who esteems him so much on and off the pitch. . The Pole, perhaps annoyed in recent months by market rumors that pressed him to make room for Donnarumma in black and white, returns to Continassa to reconnect with serenity and rediscovered harmony. The support of his teammates will also be important for him, the excellent relationship with Pinsoglio in this sense will undoubtedly be useful to him to lighten the most difficult moments.


The presence of Perin in the role of deputy must be a stimulus, not a contrasting factor. The Latina extreme defender returns from the loan to Genoa, perhaps he still has a minimum of hope of finding a destination as first, but Juve will only accept offers for a definitive sale so as to monetize and reinvest on the market to eventually find a replacement. . For now it is much more likely that Mattia will make his last year of contract with Juve in Turin, also because he enjoys the esteem of all and there will be opportunities for him since the Juventus calendar will be long and characterized by several meetings. close together. Rather, the new challenge will be to always be ready for Max’s call.

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