Historic support from PQ supporters for Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

A support history of PQ supporters at Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

Facebook page of Paul St-Pierre Plamondon The PQ leader amassed 98.5% of the votes on Saturday in his vote of confidence at the Congress of members of the political party.

Nearly six months after collecting the worst scores in the history of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is not only “still alive”, he is garnering almost unanimous support from supporters of the sovereignist party.

The PQ leader amassed 98.5% of the vote on Saturday in his vote of confidence at the congress of members of the political party. This is the best result in such an exercise in the history of the party; more than Pauline Marois in 2011 (93.1%), than Jean-François Lisée in 2017 (92.8%), or even Jacques Parizeau in 1991 (92%).

The crowd was visibly conquered . In the morning, it's to the sound of the song Toujours vivantby Gerry Boulet and to thunderous applause that he entered the delegates' hall of the 18th PQ congress.

The support of the Quebec population for the training conducted by “PSPP” has fell again in the last general election. Less than 15% of voters gave their vote to the PQ in 2022, compared to 17% in 2018. As a result, the party can only count on three deputies in the National Assembly.

Be that as it may yours, “it's very interesting what's happening right now in the Parti Québécois,” said St-Pierre Plamondon on Saturday. Despite the election results, the party is “the second political force in Quebec,” he said during a press briefing.

“It's been two polls in a row that we've been second,” he noted, a week and a half after the publication of a Léger-Le Devoir poll that granted 18% of voting intentions to the PQ, against 17% for Quebec Solidaire and 14% for the Quebec Liberal Party.

More details will follow.