Hladík talked to three mayors about the Křivoklátsko NP proposal, he wants to talk to everyone

Hladík talked to three mayors about the Křivoklátsko NP proposal, he wants to talk to everyone

Hladia talked with three mayors about the proposal of NP Křivokltsko, wants to talk všemi

Deputy Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL) at a briefing after visiting Křivoklátsko in connection with the government's intention to declare Křivoklátsko National Park, February 27, 2023, Tři Prameny.

Karlova Ves/Roztoky (Rakovnicko) – Deputy Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL) wants to meet with all the mayors of the municipalities on the territory of the planned Křivoklátsko National Park. According to him, experts will assess possible amendments to the proposal. Hladík met today with three mayors from 19 municipalities that will be affected by the NP proposal. Specifically, they were representatives of Chyňava, Nižbor and Roztok. According to him, it is necessary to get more information to local residents. “I perceive a great openness here to solve these things,” Hladík told journalists. The mayor of Nižbor, Kateřina Zusková, told ČTK that the municipality is still against declaring a park, but its leadership sees no reason why not to participate in the meeting and learn as much as possible about the plan.

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According to the deputy, the ministry wants to continue to communicate with the mayors and deal with some initiatives, for example regarding substantive comments, such as shifting the border due to private ownership or the management of sewage or water supply. Other topics were added at today's meeting. “We have even agreed with some mayors on specific road networks that we will modify, they would be newly marked, or even some cycle routes,” said Hladík

The mayor of Nižbor said about today's meeting that the problem and the block in the negotiations arose at the beginning, when the declaration of the national park was included in the program statement of the government without anyone talking about it with the municipalities. For example, she discussed with the deputy the management of the border of the national park, which is now proposed via an access road to one of the parts of the village, so people would go home through the national park. “We would like to move the border,” added Zusková.

The Mayor of Roztok, Tomáš Vostatek, told ČTK that, in his opinion, nature protection does not consist only in strict surveillance, and he does not see the economic and touristic development of the region as a definite advantage, which would the national park could bring. According to him, negotiations should be conducted more slowly. “I don't want anything to be unnecessarily rushed,” said the mayor.

According to Hladík, the regime for entering the forests will not change. The regime of mining and game hunting, which is to be managed by the national park administration, will change. The planned National Park is to cover 116 square kilometers of Křivoklátsk, which represents 16 percent of the current protected landscape area. It is to form the central part of the current PLA.