Hladík: The state will use all revenues from emission allowances to reduce emissions

Hladík: The state will use all revenues from emission allowances to reduce emissions

Hladiak: The state will use all income from the emission of emission reduction allowances

Illustrative photo – Deputy Chairman of KDU-ČSL Petr Hladík.

Prague – Starting next year, the state should use all revenues from emission allowances for measures to limit emissions, so-called decarbonization. He wants to use the money, for example, to support projects in industry. Deputy Minister of the Environment Petr Hladík said this at today's discussion on energy challenges in the Czech Republic. So far, the state uses only part of the revenue from allowances for decarbonization, the rest is used for other purposes. The year before last, the state received around 15.4 billion CZK from emission allowances, in the future, according to estimates, revenues could increase up to double.

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“We expect that from January 1, 2024, all money from emission allowances will be used for decarbonization,” said Hladík. He wants to use the proceeds, for example, for projects in industry, for example in the glass industry or in the heating industry. According to him, the ministry is now preparing a proposal for the use of money for discussion at the government. It is based on the new EU rules.

Currently, according to the law, the state should give about eight billion crowns per year to climate measures from the proceeds of permits. According to experts, the remaining part is used elsewhere within the state budget. This should change under the new rules.

The European Emissions Trading System ETS is the main instrument for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It sets limits on the total amount of greenhouse gases that can be emitted by sectors within its scope, while allowing businesses to obtain or purchase emission allowances that can be traded as needed. When the price of allowances increases, the motivation of companies to try to reduce emissions also increases.