Home office: the 5 essential devices to work from home

Home office: the 5 essential devices to work from home

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Home office: the 5 essential devices to work from home

Confinement due to the pandemic forced many to convert and have to improvise an office in their own home. In this context, cell phones gave the prominence of the home to PCs, which offer greater versatility. On that note, five hardware add-onsto improve work from home.

The computer – be it a desktop or a laptop provided by the company – is the core equipment for working remotely. But to achieve maximum performance it is necessary to incorporate some peripherals that facilitate communication.

The five devices considered essential are: webcam, microphone, headphones, a Wi-Fi printer, keyboard and mouse.


For work meetings with an acceptable definition it is necessary to resort to a webcam. The level of detail is expressed in pixels per inch. A Full HD or 1080p (1,920 by 1,080) is ideal. For something more professional, the Ultra HD or 4K (3,840 by 2,160).

Logitech StreamCam. Price: $ 21,900

The resolution along with frame rate -which should not be less than 30 frames per second- will define the sharpness with which the others will receive the images. At higher definition and at a higher frame rate, movements will be outlined more smoothly.

For advanced users, the Logitech WebCam is Full HD and reaches 60 fps, has USB-C connectivity and flexible mounting options. It has face tracking using Artificial Intelligence that allows a precise focus and exposure anywhere. It costs 21,999 pesos.


Although many headsets and webcams come with a microphone, it is best to opt for a separate hardware that connects via USB and provides greater tonal richness to expressions.

Home office: the 5 essential devices to work from home

HyperX SoloCast. Price: $ 9,920

When starting a talk, the sound that is emitted should be clean, without reverberations or background noise. If the listeners do not understand what one is saying, immediacy is lost.

One of the most versatile equipment is the HyperX SoloCast that stands out for the silence sensor that, with a touch, pauses the microphone and activates an LED indicator. It comes with a flexible and adjustable stand to accommodate on the desk. It is compatible with most articulated arms. It costs 9,920 pesos.


Among the requirements that a headset must meet is elementary that isolate the speaker from the environment so that you are focused on what is happening inside the screen.

Home office: the 5 essential devices to work from home

Mad Catz The Authentic Freq 4. Price: $ 9,099.

The ideal is a high-performance equipment that respects the timbre of the instruments, the detail of the composition and covers the audible frequency range –between 20 Hz and 20 kHz– by the human ear.

The Mad Catz The Authentic Freq 4 have an Environmental Noise Canceling (ENC) microphone that picks up every word from the speaker while blocking external audio. The omni-directional microphone focuses only on speech and rules out background noise. They are 9,099 pesos.

Printing machine

For printing documents from a smartphone or laptop, a system that provides Wi-Fi connection is most appropriate. And although they are not easy to configurer, once they are activated they are very comfortable.

Home office: the 5 essential devices to work from home

Brother InkBenefit Tank DCP-T220. Price: $ 29,000.

One of the most complete equipment is the Brother InkBenefit Tank DCP-T220 that has external cartridges that facilitate refilling. This inkjet all-in-one prints, scans and copies. You can get a double-sided copy. With a capacity of 150 sheets, it manages to get 11 pages per minute in color. It costs $ 29,000.

Keyboard and mouse

The technology that is underneath the keyboard keys defines its species: it can be mechanical or the classic membrane. Inside, they have a motherboard with circuits and delimited areas.

The Logitech MK295 combo includes a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is spill-proof and for noise-free streaming, incorporates SilentTouch technology that eliminates more than 90% of clicks and pulsations for greater concentration. Costs 4,399 pesos.