Honda, the best CB650R Special created by dealerships

Honda, the best CB650R Special created by dealerships

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Honda, the best CB650R Special created by dealerships

Customizer: Motor Sport, Madrid, Spain.
“Our CB650R Motorsport, breaking down the barriers that separate cars from motorcycles, fully represents Honda’s transversal spirit”

In homage to Honda’s sporting history, Motor Sport used the 1966 Brabham Honda BT18 racing car as the starting point for its special. The exclusive yellow and green paint matches well with the black of the handlebars, footpegs, fork and circles. And just like the BT18, the Special’s inline four is the center of attention, thanks in part to the yellow head cover. Finally, the lightweight Akrapovič titanium exhaust improves sound and performance while the front fairing and tail, both in carbon fiber, further refine it.

Customizer: Hakuba Motor, Santander, Spain
“If we had to choose one word to define our concept, this would be kaizen”

From the Japanese Kaizen (which means “to improve”), the elegant CB650R Akira by Hakuba Motor represents precisely that incessant desire to improve and improve, starting from the smallest details. The single-seat saddle has a carbon fiber core and is covered in nubuck leather with red stitching, perfectly matching its livery. The handlebars are mounted under the steering plate and the electronic components are now inserted in their own specific compartment under the saddle. Finally, the Arrow titanium exhaust underlines the minimalist philosophy of this bike.

Customizer: Blanmoto Honda, Girona, Spain.
“We celebrate our custom dreams and our company, founded in 1928.”

Steam punk and café racer styles meet in the CB650R created by Blanmoto. Even though the look of their bike is completely transformed, many of the parts used come from traditional suppliers, such as Puig, PSR, GIVI and Rizoma. Of course, custom details abound: the saddle has been modified and reupholstered (as have the side panels) and there are new hand-built side vents directly from a 1.5mm aluminum plate. The traditional look exhaust gives a touch of simplicity.

CB650R Fenix
Customizer: Mototrofa Honda, Trofa, Portugal.
“The choice of the name was obvious for us since our workshop was completely destroyed in 2019”

As a true symbol of rebirth, the CB650R Fenix ​​represents something very special for the whole Mototrofa team, whose workshop rose from the ashes following a devastating fire. From the outside, the bike shows itself as totally modern, even if, on closer inspection, some of its parts come from Honda models of the past. The single-sided arm and the rear wheel derive, in fact, from the VFR750F, while the front wheel from the CBR900RR FireBlade. The customized parts include rider seat, passenger seat and the “93” color scheme (by Nexx Helmets) which pays homage to the great Marc Marquez and recalls the founding year of Mototrofa.