Honor Magic 3 Series: top performance

Honor Magic 3 Series: top performance

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Honor Magic 3 Series: top performance

Today, the new series of Honor devices, known as Honor Magic 3 Series, a trio of smartphones that aim at the high-end market, with the base device starting at € 900 and the Pro Plus model that costs as much as € 1500. We have already made a general overview of the new devices and we have deepened the camera side, so in this article we will talk in detail about another salient point of today’s presentation, that is the performances.

The new Honor devices mount the latest SoC from Qualcomm, that is Snapdragon 888+, based on the Arm Cortex-X1 architecture, with speeds up to 3.0 GHz and a clock speed increase on the main core of 5.6%. This SoC allows an increase in AI performance of 20%, and from the presentation it was immediately clear how much Honor intends to focus on artificial intelligence for different aspects of its smartphones.

Honor Magic 3 Series and OS Turbo X technology

Honor Magic 3 Series: top performance

Among the technologies presented during today’s event there is OS Turbo X, a system that allows apps to be given different priorities, and therefore resources, based on the type; the most natural example that comes to mind is the one concerning games, which generally require more resources to run than a simple app. With what was called Low-latency Engine during the presentation, Honor promises a lower delay as regards the responsiveness of the device.

In particular, during the event, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was used as a yardstick with the devices of the Honor Magic 3 series, and as regards the response times of the apps it was declared that the Magic 3 series has an average delay. 12.6% lower than that found on iOS.

Another interesting aspect is that concerning the memory, in fact through the Anti-aging Engine and AI Storage Optimization technology, Honor promises better memory management, management that should also allow a less degradation of performance over time. According to what is shown in the slides, the Honor Magic 3 should suffer a lower performance of 3.8% after 36 months of use, against 36.6% of the average of an Android smartphone.

Thanks to the Smart Memory Engine it should also be possible to manage a greater number of applications at the same time, as many as 19 apps open on the device with Magic 3 Pro in the 8 GB RAM version.

Top gaming thanks to Honor GPU Turbo X technology

Honor Magic 3 Series: top performance

Honor Magic 3 Series: top performance

Gaming on mobile devices is constantly growing and when we talk about top-of-the-range smartphones it is now normal to also talk about performance in the game. Technology has been integrated on the Honor Magic 3 series Honor GPU Turbo X, which together with the Snapdragon 888 Plus allows for high-level performance.

In this case the comparison shown in the slides is between Honor Magic 3 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro, while the game is Genshin Impact, known for being rather heavy and resource-hungry. Well the average FPS obtained in game by the Honor device are 53.9 against the 47.8 of the iPhone, moreover the maximum temperature reached is equal to 47.8 degrees, against the 48.3 of the iPhone.

All this is possible thanks to the combination of Snapdragon 888+, OS Turbo X and GPU Turbo X, as well as an innovative dissipation system, Superconductive Hexagonal Graphene. Honor is the first brand to take advantage of this technology that offers 50% higher thermal conductivity, and therefore allows you to take full advantage of the power of the processor and GPU.

Also on the networks side, Honor has worked hard to guarantee record download speeds, thanks to Link Turbo X technology, with 5G and Wifi 6 combined the speed of 6.1 Gbps has been reached. In addition, there is a technology capable of guaranteeing low connection latency, a function certainly appreciated by those who need a high-performance connection.

The battery is 4,600 mAh, with support for the 66W fast charging and to 50W wireless charging, but no mention is made on autonomy, a question that certainly intrigues us given the power of these devices.

So Honor has created smartphones that on paper are really a concentrate of power, perfect for any use, but it will be necessary to see the real feedback of what is declared in daily use, and above all how the use will be optimized to ensure good autonomy. The presentation certainly sparked our curiosity, but now we can’t wait to get to know the new Honor Magic 3 series more closely.