Horror in Caseros: he hid his grandmother’s body for months to continue collecting the pension

Horror in Caseros: he hid his grandmother’s body for months to continue collecting the pension

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Horror in Caseros: he hid his grandmother’s body for months to continue collecting the pension

Macabre. With that word one could define what happened in a house in the Buenos Aires town of Caseros. Maria Jevos, 89, lived there, along with her grandson Agustín (24), who took care of her and provided a daily report on the woman’s health status to the rest of the family members.

But from one moment to the next the young man changed his attitude: began to cancel family gatherings and argued the fear of the coronavirus. The dark truth? The woman I was dead since March and hid what had happened to keep charging the pension.

On August 29, Agustín stopped answering his cell phone. The suspicions that his uncles had started to have several weeks ago began to have more value. They tried to find him without success, until they decided to go to María’s property, located on Larrea street.

When they arrived they found with a panorama of terror. The house was totally abandoned and dirtyThe rooms were filled with beer cans, pizza boxes, and empanadas. Soda containers in half. But the worst came when they entered their mother’s room: the door was closed with a sign that read: “Do not enter, call 911, read me“, Next to a letter.

This was the house where the retired woman was found dead.

Upon entering the room they found the body decaying woman, almost in a skeletal state and covered with a blanket. It was her daughter who recognized her. What the researchers assume is that women passed away in march.

In the room there was a letter written by Agustín himself: “Grandma died a few months ago because of me and I didn’t know how to say it. He apparently contracted Covid-19. One day I found her half down and told her to go to the doctor. But being so late I didn’t want to. That same day at night he raised the temperature and I found her lying on the floor “, said the young man, as reported TN.

And he continued: “I put off the days because I didn’t know how to say it. I decided to leave, I hope that one day they will forgive me. All the grime you see around the house accumulated after Grandma died. Those first few months were difficult and I relapsed into alcohol. This I tell you so you know that the grandmother did not live in the dirt. She was always to the nines and like a queen. I would like to tell you well how everything was, but I can not. A kiss”.

The young man was captured by the Buenos Aires Police when he returned from Chascomús, where he had escaped after the death of his grandmother. However, he returned monthly to collect the pension from the woman, since she did not have a job.

The prosecutor on duty of Functional Unit No. 5 of San Martín, Dr. Ignacio Correa, intervened in the case. It established that the file be labeled as “investigation of causes of death and abandonment of person”.