How much grains – so much money: How to Meet attract wealth?

15 Feb is possible to provide the house income for the whole year.

Сколько крупы – столько денег: Как на Сретение привлечь богатство?

Candlemas is one of the biggest Christian holidays. It is celebrated on February 15. However, the roots of the presentation go far into the past before the baptism of Rus. Our ancestors this day was celebrated the meeting of winter and spring. A holiday full of traditions and rituals. The strongest of them were carried out to attract prosperity into the house. Esoteric showed how ritual from poverty to carry out at home.

The ritual required of croup. Any suitable, but it is best to use whole wheat or buckwheat. The ideal option is considered whole grain wheat. To attract wealth, on the morning on Candlemas, a woman should put a handful of grits in a makeshift pouch. You can use a handkerchief. On the middle put the grain, and the ends of the link. “Bag” has to hide in the closet, where spring clothes. The ritual ends. Rump get at Easter and feed the birds.

Сколько крупы – столько денег: Как на Сретение привлечь богатство?

According to esoteric, the rite of cereal will save the house from want and poverty. All members of the family will be happy and rich. Healers recommend not to be greedy. A handful of grain should be one, but significant. Here is the approach: “how many cereals – so much money”. It is important not to forget to get grain for the Passover.

Except the ceremony of cereal, February 15, feed the stray dogs. It is considered a harbinger of good luck. Although actually feeding stray animals for good any day now. Candlemas is better to refrain from heavy work and house cleaning. So that spring was not hungry, decided to share with the birds with grain or bread crumbs.

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