How much money has the Government already spent to vaccinate half of those over 18

How much money has the Government already spent to vaccinate half of those over 18

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How much money has the Government already spent to vaccinate half of those over 18

The Government invested in vaccines at the rate of $ 1,910 per person during the first semester. This is clear from the data from the official site Open Budget and to which he had access Clarion.

In the first 185 days of the year $ 48,429 million were accrued to the Ministry of Health for the program that is in charge of managing the funds destined for the area. The total applications, added first and second doses, were 25,356,493.

“Prevention and control of communicable and immunopreventable diseases” is called the budget program that deals with the processes of acquisition, distribution and storage of vaccines at the national level.

Minister Carla Vizzotti. Photo EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni.

So far this year, resources tripled, going from $ 46,293 million to $ 131,304 million.

But in fact, in the first 185 days of 2021, $ 48,429 million were accrued, more than the initial annual budget, but only 36.88% of a game to which the Government was injecting funds from the need to go out to the market to buy vaccines against Covid-19.

Although it covers vaccines for other diseases such as influenza or hepatitis, the health situation led to the fact that, in proportion, most of the funds are destined for the acquisition of doses against Covid-19.

Last month, a report from the Alem Foundation of the UCR warned about the growth of the budget to buy vaccines specific against Covid-19, which had gone from $ 13,000 million to $ 96,000 million.

As they commented, these successive increases demonstrated a “lack of foresight and programming” in the financing of the vaccine acquisition plan.

Projected expenses

According to the same study, in the National Budget project presented in September of last year, the Government “estimated an expense of $ 13,698 million, to assist only 11.2 million people (22 million doses, approximately)” .

The need to strengthen the budget and the scope of the doses given grew exponentially in 2021, especially before the arrival of the second wave of the coronavirus in the country.

In the midst of negotiations initiated by the government to acquire doses from laboratories such as Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen, it is expected that spending on vaccines will continue to increase for the remainder of the year.

However, taking into account the budget that is being allocated in 2021, the funds, considered by the total population of the country, seem scarce in the face of a pandemic.

The $ 48,429 million that were transferred from the Ministry of Economy to the vaccine program in these six months represent at a rate of $ 261.7 million per day.

Considering that the total applications given to date are 25,356,493, and that 51.6% of the population over 18 years of age were vaccinated with at least one dose, the investment in vaccines is equivalent to $ 1,910 per immunized person in the entire first semester.

The program for vaccination is the most expensive of the entire Ministry of Health, on a global budget of $ 296,000 million. That is Those 131,304 million planned for the program in 2021 represent 44% of all ministerial funds.

In the report he gave to the Senate of the Nation in June, the Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero He argued that within the annual budget of Health the purchase of vaccines was equivalent to $ 72,000 million.

Until May, Argentina had invested US $ 205 million in vaccines in 15 different payments, on a global disbursement that exceeds US $ 400 million.

How much money has the Government already spent to vaccinate half of those over 18

A man is vaccinated at the San Martín Theater. Photo Maxi Failla.

For the arrival of Sputnik vaccines, US $ 223.9 million have been paid since January. Meanwhile, US $ 80 million were paid by Sinopharm in two payments, and by AstraZeneca US $ 92.6 million, while another US $ 37 million was paid through the Covax mechanism.