How to activate critical thinking: proven life hacks

Как активизировать критическое мышление: проверенные лайфхаки

The ability to think critically – not an innate characteristic and not a gift of God as the actual and mental abilities. This is a great field for daily training and disclosure of intellectual potential.

Critical thinking helps a person to form his unique perspective on phenomena and processes and the logic, to build a detailed system of arguments to prove his own thoughts.

Also the ability to analyze information reduces the chances of intellectual surrender and likely to be on the side conveyor of thinking.

Как активизировать критическое мышление: проверенные лайфхаки


Critical thinking is a system of judgments, based on the ability to identify causal relationships, to verify information, separate facts from opinions and assumptions, thus blocking one-sided, dogmatic perception of the world. Thus, it forms the skills of discernment, logical reasoning from the stigmas, social constructs and myths that give rise to mass.

This type of thinking is totally pragmatic thing that can prove their use and effectiveness in daily life, when you watch TV, buy clothes, discount or want of self-actualization.

What to do?

1. To put a lot of questions and not accept unverified you the facts on faith. Any information needs to be criticized and analyzed.

2. Do not look for arguments selectively, i.e. only those that confirm your opinion. Look for arguments that confirm or deny judgment, not your attitude.

Как активизировать критическое мышление: проверенные лайфхаки

Don’t believe – check!

3. Broadens the mind. After all, to reject the false judgments, the person must have a certain range of knowledge. The more he knows, the harder it is to mislead.

It will be useful for qualitative literature (not fiction and “ocollector” how to become rich and famous), which simulates life and characters from different angles, analytical and scientific articles, philosophical works, genre films, art house, visiting cultural events and even travelling. That is the goal – to collect as much information for your brain.

4. Is familiar with the laws of communicative logic – the science about the laws of communication between people. These rules ensure the process is adequate interpretation and understanding of meaning, which receives communicant.

For example, you will learn how to distinguish a unit of logic to perform operations with them, to identify logical errors, to get acquainted with the types of propositions and their use, as well as with the principles of correct reasoning and proof structure.

Как активизировать критическое мышление: проверенные лайфхаки

Critically evaluate sources of information

5. You can analyze not only verbal information. Facial expressions, gestures, position in space and other non-verbal features are a huge layer of information that is processed. So the approach would be to get a basic understanding of the proxemics, cinesite, semiotics.

6. Need to work with their own biases and to develop the ability to admit mistakes. And it’s hard to accept, the established logical point of view, even if it contradicts yours.

7. Learn to localize the influence of emotions on the formation of your judgment and the attitude towards certain phenomena, processes, and people. Always look for arguments (by the way, one little) and objective evaluation criteria.

Как активизировать критическое мышление: проверенные лайфхаки

When you operate the facts, emotions extra

8. A critical attitude to public opinion, labels, stereotypes, dogma, prejudice, belief etc is not a negative trait. All information (even if it is “familiar”, the traditional companies and you’ve heard since childhood), which comes in your brain needs to be studied.

9. Healthy skepticism and doubts are also welcome. This provokes the desire to independently verify facts that you claim tested already by someone.

A man who has mastered the art of critical thinking, more difficult to manipulate and mislead. He does not believe in improbable coincidences and wonders, and is looking for a database of evidence and infers cause-and-effect relationships.

Resources for critical thinking development

1. The free online course “the Science of everyday thinking”

This is an Australian video, which in 2016 the Prometheus platform has translated into the Ukrainian language.

“Together we will learn mental shortcuts, which sometimes overused by people, and learn how to use this knowledge for better decision making and more critical thinking. You will apply scientific methods to assess the statement to understand the evidence and to understand why we so often make irrational choices. instead of a hasty, automatic, instinctive, emotional, and stereotypical thinking, you will begin to rely more on slow, full of mental effort, a focused and analytical way of thinking,” announced the teachers of the course.

The course “Science of everyday thinking”: video

The course is available at any time. You can also obtain a certificate of Prometheus on his passing. In order to obtain a certificate the University of Queensland (Australia), you need to undergo the original (English) on the eDX platform.

2. Online brain training NeuroNation

NeuroNation database created in collaboration with the departments of General psychology and neuropsychology, Free University Berlin, and research Center of working environment and human factors to them. Leibniz Technical University of Dortmund.

Exercises with game elements presented on the website, help develop logic, working memory, concentration and attention to the computation of “myself”.

Как активизировать критическое мышление: проверенные лайфхаки

Example of exercises at NeuroNation

The website has both free and paid options. For free use available 8 interesting exercises and the ability to track results. For users who purchased a premium course available more than 60 exercises and personalized workouts.

3. YouTube channel The School of Life

The School of Life offers several loops originally designed animated video famous cultural figures, writers and writers, philosophers, history, psychology, rituals, languages, communication between people.

Video channel The School of Life

Note that the channel language is English.

We offer you to consolidate information by viewing the film “Pink Floyd: The Wall”, 1982. This is the example of quality art-house, which is not a pity to spend time. Besides, one of the scenes in it vividly demonstrates how in childhood our thinking put on the “school line” and where are the masses with a unified philosophical system.

Fragment from the film Pink Floyd: The Wall: live

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