How to clean your cell phone screen without hurting it, step by step

How to clean your cell phone screen without hurting it, step by step

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How to clean your cell phone screen without hurting it, step by step

Cell phones are a means of communication with family, friends and co-workers, but it should not be forgotten that these devices often touch the face and represent a source of transmission for viruses and bacteria, so they must be properly disinfected to avoid contagion.

To have the screen clean as if it were out of the factory there are several tricks, but first, it is important that you condition the area where the smartphone is to be sanitized to achieve professional results.

First of all, it is imperative turn off the phone and disconnect it from any external sourceof energy, as well as, if possible, remove the battery and cover all the ports of the mobile with tape to avoid possible damage.

The following will be remove the cover to prevent water from accumulating on the layer that protects the back of the mobile device.

With daily use, the screens complain of fingerprints and traces of grease.

The best friend of cleaning smartphones is soft microfiber fabric, the typical cloth that is used for glasses and that normally comes with the same phone. Overly porous fabrics such as terry cloth should be avoided at all costs.

For quick sanitation, just moisten the corner of the cloth with water and run it from top to bottom of the appliance. This will eliminate oily fingerprints and everyday smudges on the screen.

It is very important to avoid cleaning products such as disinfectant gel, pure alcohol, glass cleaner, sanitary napkins, grease remover, nail polish remover or applying compressed air. Although all are used to clean surfaces, the mobile screen is very delicate, since it is full of electronic circuits.

Deep cleaning

If what you are looking for is a deeper cleaning, the star products are water and isopropyl alcohol, a non-ethyl liquid used in cleaning and degreasing electronic circuits.

How to clean your cell phone screen without hurting it, step by step

It is advisable to turn off the equipment and remove the cover.

With a mixture 60% water and 40% isopropyl alcohol The procedure will consist of moistening a microfiber cloth and gently rubbing it over the phone. Then with a dry cloth it will be necessary to remove any excess mixture on the phone.

In this sense, Apple does not recommend the use of any product with alcohol, ammonia and other cleaning substances, so a valid alternative is the mixture 50% distilled water and 50% white vinegar.

For screen scratches, toothpaste is a quick and simple solution. Simply make circular movements over the scratch, using a small amount of the paste on the end of a soft cloth.

But you cannot use just any product, as gel-based toothpastes don’t apply for this trick. It has to be the white color paste.

In some professions, exposure to dirt, germs, or harmful substances requires smartphones to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

The protectors, especially those with a non-slip surface, can be washed thoroughly with soap and water, cleaned with gels or alcohol wipes and even bleach, making them an alternative for people who leave their home to work.