How to find a lost or stolen iPhone even if it’s out of battery or turned off

How to find a lost or stolen iPhone even if it’s out of battery or turned off

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How to find a lost or stolen iPhone even if it’s out of battery or turned off

Apple continues to stack chips in the personal safety locker. One of the latest bets comes with the latest version of its operating system, the iOS 15, whose final version will be ready by the end of September. The great news is that it will be that, If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you will be able to know the location even if it is turned off or without battery.

This location function is called Find My iPhone (Find My iPhone) and through the Apple device search network, which debuted in 2019 with a system that uses Bluetooth and the one billion Apple devices in use, it will allow you to find the lost or disconnected device, as it already happens with the new AirPods.

According to a description on the company’s official website, iOS 15 will be able to “locate your devices using the Find my network even if they were turned off.” may have been turned off by a thief”.

The secret of its effectiveness is that the iPhone with iOS 15 will not turn off completely. Instead, it will remain – unless one disables this option – in a low power state.

Apple seeks to reduce mobile crime with this new feature. Photo Bloomberg

To send its alarm signal the device will replicate the operation of an AirTag, thus managing to emit the necessary signals so that other iPhones can find it silently.

For theft or loss

Criminals are known to steal an iPhone by turning it off and removing the SIM card first to avoid tracking. This software will not only be able to track the location of a powered off iPhone, it will also you will be able to identify the model, when a factory reset has been applied, which erases everything you have installed.

When the device has been marked as lost, it will be locked automatically. To verify the veracity of the complaint, the owner must enter their security password.

If the mobile is disconnected, It will be locked when turned on and the person who activates it will receive a notification that the phone does not belong to them.

One can configure the software to display another alternate phone number so that, in case it has been lost, anyone who finds it can notify you and even warn that they have it.

How to find a lost or stolen iPhone even if it’s out of battery or turned off

All the news that the new Apple operating system brought. AFP photo

You can also erase all saved information remotely so that no one can dig into photos, emails or any other documentation.

If there was any credit, debit, or prepaid card in Apple Pay, loss mode suspends this feature so that no one can increase the number of charges on the account.

Other novelties

Another of the great beneficiaries of the update will be Apple’s video calling app. Among the new arrivals, it will come with refined sound so that the voice is heard better and noises can be isolated. There will be a new view in group calls better highlighting who is speaking at all times and the portrait mode will allow the background to be blurred.

The message app launches “Shared for you”, a function that allows you to share content more easily with contacts and vice versa and you can interact directly with who has sent it.

Following in the footsteps of Google Lens with the recognition of elements in photos, Apple promises a Versatile and direct text recognition with Live Text.