How to identify problems with the gallbladder

Как самостоятельно выявить проблемы с желчным пузырем

Greatly affect the human condition may be a problem with the gall bladder. After all, if you found the stones in the body – it is life threatening.

It is therefore important to observe yourself, advises therapist Sasha Fomin.

How to understand that there are problems with the gall bladder

1. Pain or pressure in your upper right abdomen, sometimes in epigastrium radiating to the right shoulder blade, sometimes to the jugular.

2. If the muscle tone of the gall bladder is elevated, the pain appears attacks, it is short, intense, reminiscent of the attack of biliary colic with cholelithiasis.

3. Disorder of stool (constipation, diarrhea, lightening of stool, mucus in the feces).

4. Burp.

5. Nausea and vomiting.

6. Periodic heartburn.

7. Bloating.

8. Discomfort after fatty foods.

9. The lack of appetite.

10. The appearance of bitterness in the mouth.

11. Violation of rhythm of sleep: sleeplessness at night and drowsiness during the day.


12. Bad breath.

What are the signs saying you need to go to the doctor

• fatigue;
• fatigue;
• urine the color of dark beer;
• itching;
• the appearance of lesions on the skin;
• yellowing of the skin, primarily of the sclera and the mucosa under the tongue;
• temperature.
This means that there is inflammation.

Cholecystitis – what is it?

This inflammation of the gallbladder. Chronic cholecystitis may be acalculous and calculous, from the Latin word “calculus” which means “stone”.

What tests need to pass

If you experience three or more complaints, it is necessary to pass tests and undergo additional tests of the gallbladder namely:

1) General analysis of blood

2) blood Biochemistry:

Glucose, total bilirubin, direct bilirubin, lipid profile (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, alkaline phosphatase, transaminases (AST and ALT)

3) abdominal ultrasound

Как самостоятельно выявить проблемы с желчным пузырем

Abdominal ultrasound

After the consultation with the doctor:

4) Coprogram

5) Gastropanel – as a reference point relative acidity of the stomach

6) Fibroesophagogastroduodenoscopy

7) Duodenal intubation with a microscopy and crop of bile (long-term inflammation in the gallbladder for some strange reason)

If the gallbladder stones appeared, it is a serious problem. They are difficult to divide or withdraw.

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