How to link HBO Max to Direct TV, Movistar or another provider

How to link HBO Max to Direct TV, Movistar or another provider

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How to link HBO Max to Direct TV, Movistar or another provider

HBO Max is an American streaming platform owned by WarnerMedia, a division of AT&T. Its content is based on the premium television service HBO and includes all its programming, as well as various programs, series and films from Warner and their respective content providers, from whom the network purchased broadcast rights.

What providers offer HBO Max?

A provider is who you subscribed to or who bills you for HBO Max, which is available to as many as possible.

In Peru, the following appear as suppliers:

  • Sure
  • Clear tv
  • Medea
  • Movistar.

HBO providers in Peru. Screenshot:

How do I link HBO Max to a provider?

For a list of TV, internet and telecom providers that offer HBO Max, you can do the following:

  • Visit on your computer.
  • In the upper right corner select enter.
  • Select to sign in with a provider.
  • Select view all providers. Here you can find a list of all the providers that are offering HBO Max in the region.
  • Once you have accessed HBO Max through a TV, internet or telco provider, you can enter with your provider and create your HBO Max account.

What if my provider is not on the list?

If your provider is not listed, they may not offer HBO Max yet.

In that case you can subscribe directly:

How much does HBO cost in Peru and other countries?


  • Mobile plan: S / 19.90 (monthly)
  • Standard plan: S / 29.90 (monthly)


  • Mobile plan: $ 218.90 ARS (monthly)
  • Standard plan: $ 322.56 ARS (monthly)


  • Mobile plan: $ 29.90 BOB (monthly)
  • Standard plan: $ 39.99 BOB (monthly)


  • Mobile plan: $ 4,900.00 CLP (monthly)
  • Standard plan: $ 6,900.00 CLP (monthly)


  • Mobile plan: $ 13,900.00 COP (monthly)
  • Standard plan: $ 19,900.00 COP (monthly)


  • Mobile plan: $ 3.99 USD (monthly)
  • Standard plan: $ 5.99 USD (monthly)


  • Mobile plan: $ 99.00 MXN (monthly)
  • Standard plan: $ 149.00 MXN (monthly)


  • Mobile plan: $ 199.00 UYU (monthly)
  • Standard plan: $ 299.00 UYU (monthly)

What movies and series to watch on HBO Max?


  • Warner Bros 2021 Releases (They will arrive in Latin America 35 days after being released in theaters): In the neighborhood, Space jam: a new era, The suicide squad, Dune and The conjuring: the devil made me do it, Tom and Jerry, Mortal Kombat, Judas and the black messiah, Godzilla vs. Kong and more.
  • Franchises: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and the Matrix.
  • Movie classics: The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Singing in the Rain and Citizen Kane.
  • DC Universe.


  • HBO Original Series: The sopranos, Game of thrones, Sex and the city, Euphoria, Watchmen and House of the dragon, Gossip girl, etc.
  • HBO Max Exclusive Series: The flight attendant, Generation, Raised by wolves, Sand just like that, etc.
  • Content for the whole family: Sesame Street, Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time: Far Away, Teen Titans in Action, Scooby Doo, Pam Patrol: Puppy Patrol, Frankelda’s Hidden Frights, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10.
  • Latin series: Pop divas, PCC secret power, Astral journey, The cut, Las bravas and Amarres.