How to make homemade slime: recipe

How to make homemade slime: recipe

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How to make homemade slime: recipe

The slime, also know as “gorilla snot” or “unicorn snot”, It is a toy with a soft and viscous consistency that for a few years has gained popularity among the smallest of the house, becoming an addiction for most children who cannot stop experimenting with this type of product, but also for grown ups who are looking for therapies with which fight stress.

They exist of everything kind of colors and you can even find it with glitter or other decoration (rubber animals). Although it is possible to acquire it in toy stores or department stores, you can also prepare it at home, that is why we share with you here what are its ingredients and how you can prepare it.

The slime It is a very easy substance to prepare and relatively cheap, since few ingredients are used that you usually have at home or that you can buy in any Stationery or the little store on the corner.

What is slime made of

This toy began to be manufactured industrially in 1976 by the Mattel company. Although there are different ways to prepare it, most are made of glue, food coloring, detergent, cornstarch and water, some usually add flavoring.

It is a non-toxic substance; However, it can represent a harm in terms of hygiene, since due to its consistency it tends to stick on the nails or hair, hence the importance of watch over our girls or boys.

How to make homemade slime: recipe

How to make slime (homemade recipe)

For this recipe all you need is transparent glue and white, liquid starch, water, liquid detergent (for clothes) orslime activator (which you can buy at the stationery store), almond oil and food coloring.

The first thing you should do is add the transparent glue in a large container, and subsequently the resistol White -They must be the same amounts-. You add the Water, nails drops of almond oil and you start mixing until you have a homogeneous substance.

How to make homemade slime: recipe

You add the slime activator or liquid detergent and you mix the ingredients again. Finally, to color your slime you put some drops of food coloring.

The incredible thing about this product is that it is not exclusive to children, adults can also use it to deal with periods of anxiety or nervousness. So now that you have the recipe in your hands, do not hesitate to prepare it either for your children or, well, to have a tool that help you fight stress.