How to overcome cravings for high-calorie food, if you lose weight

Studies show that people whose diets for weight loss more flexible, lose more weight and achieve a lower BMI than those who adhere to the approach “all or nothing”, and deny themselves their favorite foods or adhere to pre-determined meals (quantity, calorie, variety, etc.). Here are some tips that will help you to overcome cravings for high-calorie food.

Как преодолеть тягу к калорийной еде, если вы худеете

Strategies to overcome cravings for high-calorie food

  • When you crave your favorite donut, first drink a large glass of water. We often think that hungry when thirsty. It is proven that increased water consumption promotes weight loss.
  • Many people receive enough protein from the diet, but not all. The elderly, vegetarians, vegans are particularly at risk of low protein content. Protein gives more satiety than any other macronutrient. The most delicious piece of cake does not look attractive after a protein shake or chicken breast. If you need more protein in the diet, add it. You will see that craving for French fries and cake will fade away.
  • Use a small plate. It really makes a difference, forcing the brain not to want the excess food when we’re eating everything on the plate.
  • Eat slower, savoring every bite, and chew. People, fast absorbing lunch, feeling of fullness in the brain does not have time to get the appropriate signals..
  • Make sure that the food is really tasty. You will not feel happy if I eat an egg with cucumber for Breakfast and cottage cheese with radish for lunch. Monotonous, boring diet does not lead to long-term weight loss. Make sure that the diet — it helps to achieve the necessary level of vitamins and minerals.
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