How to provide first pre-medical help to victims in accident

Как оказать первую домедицинскую помощь пострадавшим в аварии

Most of those who died in the accident, died before arrival of doctors and first aid. Often victims need urgent pre-hospital events. It could save someone’s life.

First of all it is necessary to note three important points:

  • first aid kit in the car should be not only nominally. Need to know what it is, it needs to be fully staffed and you must know how to use it;
  • the place of providing pre-medical help should be safe. If necessary, stop or restrict traffic, to indicate the scene of an accident reflective devices, turn off the engine of the vehicle that crashed, put something under the wheel so the car is not moving;
  • not to forget about their own safety. In particular, to take measures for first aid is in nitrile gloves to protect yourself from pathogens that may be contained in the fluids of the injured.

Acting Minister of health Suprun notes that learning to provide pre-medical help, to get rid of fear to do something wrong, even though you like and know how to act, only in practice. These skills and knowledge can be obtained on first aid courses.

Statistics. In 2018 in accidents in Ukraine have killed more than 3 thousand people, more than 28 thousand were injured.

How to provide pre-medical help to victims of road accidents:

1. Immediately call an ambulance, the police and rescuers;

2. If the victim bleeding, the first task is to stop him. To do this, use a tourniquet and bandages from the car kit. Here it is important to distinguish between critical and non-critical bleeding.

When critical with the body out a lot of blood, but the stain is growing rapidly. If bleeding from a limb of the victim – use the turnstile. If you can not accurately determine the location of bleeding, apply a tourniquet 5 inches above the wound site (but not on the joint). If you can’t, apply a tourniquet to the limb as high as possible (closer to the torso). If the turnstile does not help – press on the wound with bandages.

Как оказать первую домедицинскую помощь пострадавшим в аварии

Medical tourniquet

If blood spots are small and grow slowly, the bleeding is not critical. You can stop it when you verify that there are no other injuries, life-threatening injured. In order to stop such bleeding, use a pressure bandage bintovuju.

Important! Not in contact with the blood of the victim without gloves!

3. Check the injured person’s breathing. Not breathing, the person may not live more than 5-7 minutes, until after the ambulance he may not live. First of all, try to talk to a human. If he responds to you, then his airway is not threatened. But if the victim is unconscious – his breathing may be compromised.

If the victim is breathing and there is no threat to his life, don’t try to take it out of the car. Wait for the medics and rescue workers. A person may have a spinal injury, which in turn poses a threat to the spinal cord. Therefore, any movement must be justified.

4. Remove from the person’s mouth foreign objects, if any. But not by hands, and not sharp objects. Hands can only try to open the mouth of the unconscious victim. The best method – extension of the jaw. Remember that unnecessary movement of the neck can cause harm if the victim was injured cervical spine.

Lot 5. Do not add things under the victim’s head. It may interfere with breathing.

6. Ensure that the thorax of the victim is moving. You can also try to bring the ear to the person’s mouth to hear if he’s breathing. If everything is in order, then continue to monitor his condition and to work with other damage. If breathing is absent, start CPR. To do this, use valve-mask with car kit.

Как оказать первую домедицинскую помощь пострадавшим в аварии

Follow the breath of the victim

7️. Continue to monitor the condition of the victim before arrival of doctors. Give them detailed information about what kind of help you had and what happened to the victims.

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