How will we see Mexico in 2030?

How will we see Mexico in 2030?

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How will we see Mexico in 2030?

The North American company The Capital Group Companies Inc., specialists in investment management, recently published a report entitled: The World in 2030, 10 Predictions for Long-Term Investors.

It is very interesting to analyze the approach that the various specialists use in each of the issues, to try to give certainty to their investors regarding the direction the world is taking based on the changes, in some cases radical, that we will be experiencing in the medium. and long term and that, of course, will affect the way of doing business in the future.

It is important to mention that these changes are being considered to be presented in countries with that vocation for innovation and modernity, since it is assumed that these changes will be possible using cutting-edge technologies and the digital transformation that is taking place in those countries.

The predictions presented are: 1. Innovation in healthcare will reach incredible speed. 2. A cure for cancer may be just around the corner. 3. Cash will be nothing more than a distant memory. 4. Semiconductors will be everywhere and in everything. 5. Wearable technology will blur the lines of reality. 6. Digital entertainment will take center stage. 7. Autonomous vehicles will get into the fast lane. 8. Green machines will rule the road. 9. Renewable energy will power the world. 10. Innovative companies will transform the world for the better.

If we take any of these predictions and prospect them in Mexico, we will find that in each and every one of them there are structural obstacles and state policies that are absolutely contrary to the viability to materialize, which should make us reflect on whether we are going to be able to transit as an economically viable country when we find ourselves lagging behind our commercial partners.

When we see the export growth figures derived from the implementation of the T-MEC, we automatically wonder how long the growth inertia will last us, if we do not evolve in line with the demands that will be had in the next 10 years. Many of the investments in these areas have maturing times of between three and five years; If we don’t start now, the lag will make us less competitive. _