HPE: this is the hybrid cloud that is closest to the user

HPE: this is the hybrid cloud that is closest to the user

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HPE: this is the hybrid cloud that is closest to the user

“Companies that know how to use technological advances will be more successful in their businesses and institutions will be able to offer better services to citizens.” The ruling of the President of Southern Europe and head of HPE in Spain, José María de la Torre, in the summit Spanish virtual technology on June 23, transcends the philosophy of the company to draw a global perspective of the digital transformation process in the business world. According to De la Torre, in the current situation, technology – especially the hybrid cloud – has emerged as a driver of change in business. “We must advance in the digitization of companies and institutions. At HPE we have a social purpose to improve the way people live and work, and a clear commitment to realizing the belief of being a force for good, in which inclusion, diversity and sustainability are also priority objectives. for us”.

In fact, the multinational has announced in recent weeks new and important acquisitions that reinforce its commitment to innovation. These are Ampool, Zerto and Determined AI, all of which confirm their commitment to data analytics, their management and protection in the cloud, as well as artificial intelligence, respectively.

In this line of innovation to facilitate progress, the hybrid cloud already constitutes a competitive advantage for Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the enterprise digital ecosystem. The technology multinational announced on June 21 the extension of its platform from the edge to the HPE GreenLake cloud in order to include support for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and Microsoft SQL Server. HPE GreenLake offers hybrid cloud services that are designed and optimized for critical industrial workloads, both vertical and horizontal. This platform expansion enhances the agility and flexibility that organizations seek in a scalable, simplified, and native local architecture. cloud. Customers of both services can consolidate virtualized Windows and Linux workloads for greater efficiency and run production workloads using a familiar hybrid environment.

HPE GreenLake offers hybrid cloud services that are designed and optimized for critical industrial workloads, both vertical and horizontal.

HPE GreenLake, as the centerpiece of HPE’s technology proposition, continues to evolve and advance to offer the best services and solutions, such as the recently launched Alletra, its data infrastructure cloud native that pushes data from the edge to the cloud.

Also playing a leading role within the company is the area of ​​networks and communications, Aruba, which has new functionalities and solutions for Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), designed to improve network operations and maximize IT efficiency in companies, as they help multi-site companies navigate the new post-covid environment. Additionally, Aruba has launched the market’s first range of enterprise WiFi 6E solutions, providing higher performance, lower latency and higher data rates for high-bandwidth applications and use cases.

HPE announced during this same global technological meeting another series of innovations and new capabilities that have HPE GreenLake as a great protagonist. These are the main novelties.

HPE GreenLake Lighthouse

It is a secure cloud native platform, eliminating the entire process of having to place an order and wait for a new configuration by allowing customers to add new cloud services with just a few clicks in HPE GreenLake Central and run them simultaneously in a few minutes. . Cloud native and smart, the platform is built on the software HPE Ezmeral to autonomously optimize different cloud services and workloads using an ideal resource composition to deliver the best performance, the lowest cost, or a balance of both.

Project Aurora: foundation for architecture zero-trust by HPE GreenLake

Project Aurora will be integrated into the platform’s building blocks cloud HPE GreenLake to automatically and continuously verify the integrity of the hardware, firmware, operating systems, platforms, and workloads, including security. Additionally, Project Aurora’s continuous certification capabilities can be used to automatically detect advanced threats from silicon to cloud in seconds compared to the current 28-day average.

Silicon on-demand: processor core capacity in just a few clicks

It is a consumption-based pay-per-use model that will be optimized at the silicon level to deliver an experience cloud more granular, with better measurement, shorter buffering time, and faster deployment. Available first through the HPE GreenLake platform, HPE will offer flexible consumption capabilities with silicon on demand, a one-of-a-kind feature developed in partnership with Intel to add new capacity at the processor core and a persistent memory tier using Technology Intel® Optane ™.

Compute Cloud Console

To help manage IT asset management and monitoring with simple and effortless control capabilities, HPE is introducing Unified IT Operations as a Service with Compute Cloud Console, an intuitive cloud-based management solution that automates IT operations across the technology park of any organization.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise also introduced HPE GreenLake for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the most critical healthcare workloads that demand the highest security and regulatory compliance for market-leading Epic applications. This new cloud service provides validated configurations, management services and cloud expertise to offer flexibility and optimize quality results.

Financial services

For organizations looking for ways to modernize their payment systems experience, the technology multinational has introduced HPE Greenlake for Core Payment Systems in partnership with Lusis. With this initiative, customers benefit from complete payment solutions, such as payment per transaction, a platform that supports contactless payments and offers easy maintenance, all with the cloud experience.