Hradec hockey players prevented the crowning of Třinec for the second time

Hokejisté Hradec for the second timeé prevented the crowning of Třinec

Finals of the hockey extraliga play off – 5th match: Mountfield Hradec Králové – HC Oceláři Třinec, April 26, 2023, Hradec Králové. From left, Jan Eberle from Hradec Králové, Bohumil Jank from Hradec Králové and Aron Chmielewski from Třinec.

Hradec Králové – Hradec Králové hockey players defeated Třinec 3:0 in the fifth game of the extra league playoff final and averted a possible end of the season and the championship crowning of the Steelers for the second time. Patrik Miškář, Radek Pilař and Marek Zachar scored the goals for the victory of East Bohemia, Matěj Machovský kept a clean sheet. The four-game winning streak continues at 3-2 for Třinec on Friday on the ice of Slezan, who are seeking their fourth title in a row.

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Hokejisté Hradecé averted the crowning of Třinec

Hokejistsé Hradec for the second timeé prevented the crowning of Třinec

Hockeyistsé Hradecé prevented the crowning of Třinec for the second time

Hokejisté Hradec for the second timeé they prevented the crowning of Třinec

The home team had an ideal start to the match , when Miskář opened the scoring after 27 seconds of the game. The Hradec attacker took advantage of the fact that Marinčin fell first in the offensive zone and then Marcinko in the defensive zone.

East Bohemia was encouraged by the quick lead and Klím could have added a second goal in the 2nd minute, but Kacetl blocked his shot. Subsequently, Kurovský fouled and Mountfield pushed further into the attack. The guests, weakened at first, stood up, and then they remembered themselves in the attacking zone. Even Machovský was attentive.

The Steelers' coaches made minor changes in the composition of the attacks before the second period, but the home team created more significant chances. In the 27th minute, Klíma Zachar created a goal-scoring opportunity, his shot was blocked by Kacetl.

In the middle of the match, Slezana pushed the opponent, but Machovský was attentive and in the 32nd minute, the home team Eberle threatened from a quick action. He didn't hit the puck perfectly in front of Kacetl. After a separate action, Čukste was able to equalize, who got in front of the Hradec goalkeeper, but Machovský kept a clean sheet.

In the 37th minute, the sold-out ČPP Arena saw a second goal in the Třinec goal, when after a two-on-one conversion with luck Pilar prevailed. After Okuliar's pass, the puck bounced off the home forward's skate and slowly slid behind the goal line near the post.

The team from Třinec had to press forward and the home team threatened with quick counter-attacks. In the 44th minute, Zachar could have brought Hradec closer to a win, but he ended his solo drive with an inaccurate pass to a teammate. Not even Lalancette succeeded in the 51st minute.

Rosandič was sent off six minutes before the end and the Steelers had a great chance to dramatize the duel. Marcinko was close to the goal, Jeřábek hit the post. The home team, playing sacrificially, defended themselves. During the opponent's power play, Zachar sealed their second win in a row.

Coaches' votes:

Tomáš Martinec (Hradec Králové): “The beginning of the match was important for us, when we managed to score a goal in the first substitution and that changed the nature of the match. Třinec had to open up the game a little and the match was in a different spirit than the previous one. It was up – down. Of course, Třinec had great chances and Matěj Machovský kept us up. It was hockey that I think suits us and that we like. Again, it was a team performance, great dedication. We have the second point, which we are happy about, but nothing ends. We must humbly prepare for the next match.”

Zdeněk Moták (Třinec): “We entered the match more difficult, we conceded and then we pushed it in front of us the whole match. We couldn't get on the home team, we didn't score a goal even in power plays and that unfortunately decided it.”

Final play off hockey extra league – 5th match:

Mountfield Hradec Králové – HC Oceláři Třinec 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1 :0)

Goals and assists: 1. Miškář (Werek, R. Pavlík), 37. Pilař (Okuliar, McCormack), 58. Zachar (Okuliar). Referee: A. Jeřábek, Pražák – Lhotský, Špůr. Exclusion: 6:3. No use. Audience: 6890 (sold out). Series status: 2:3.

Hradec Králové: Machovský – McCormack, Jank, Blain, Kalina, F. Pavlík, Rosandič – Werek, Miškář, R. Pavlík – Jergl, Lalancette, Perret – Okuliar, Kevin Klíma, Zachar – Pilař, Lev, Eberle. Coach: T. Martinec.

Třinec: Kacetl – Marinčin, Smith, Čukste, J. Jeřábek, Marian Adámek, M. Doudera – M. Růžička, Marcinko, Chmielewski – Kurovský, Miloš Roman, Dravecký – Daňo , D. Voženílek, Nestrašil – Hrňa, P. Vrána, L. Hudáček. Coach: Moták.