HRW: In Cuba there are nearly 500 arrests for social protests

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HRW: In Cuba there are nearly 500 arrests for social protests

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Mexico City / 07/19/2021 22:26:36

The director of Human Right Watch (HRW) for the Americas, José Miguel Vivanco, assured that the Cuban regime has detained more than 500 people after the anti-government social protests that began on July 11 and that the human rights of the accused have not been respected.

“We are talking about a significant number of people who were arbitrarily detained, over 500 cases, some of them have been released over time, but when they are released it is with house arrest“Vivanco said in an interview for MILLENNIUM Television with Alejandro Domínguez.

The director of HRW assured that detained persons do not have a full arrest warrant, where there is no due process So what I know cuts off all kinds of communication, like the internet, so as not to inform about their situation or whereabouts.

“We are talking about hundreds of cases of people unjustly detained, who are missing,” Vivanco added, and stressed that there are dozens of people asking for their relatives in various police stations to find out their whereabouts. “The government does not give the slightest information.”

The HRW director for the region assured that the best way to support the Cuban situation internationally is denouncing the actions that the communist authorities are committing “to raise a degree of international concern and repercussion.”

Vivanco finally criticized the radical ideology of the communist government in Cuba, since freedoms and freedom of the press are not respected and that its ideology “of closure and dogmatism” is led towards nationalism and the current crisis on the island.

He stressed that the Cuban government itself rejected the offer of vaccines against covid-19 developed by China (Sinopharm, CanSino, SinoVac) and Russia (Sputnik V), countries that are not affected by the United States trade embargo, in order to denounce the developed on the island (Abdala and Soberana 02).