HS analysis  Big Brother’s racism has always spoken around the world, and it was also seen in Finland last spring: Now the

HS analysis Big Brother’s racism has always spoken around the world, and it was also seen in Finland last spring: Now the

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HS analysis  Big Brother’s racism has always spoken around the world, and it was also seen in Finland last spring: Now the

The new season of the reality TV series starts in Finland at the same time as the North American Big Brother follows the conspiracy of black competitors with a single goal.

Big Brother The new season of the series starts in Finland on Sunday, when the BB House will get its new residents again. Meanwhile, in the United States and Canada, there is a heated debate around the series about racism and the media’s efforts to become more polyphonic.

As a program format Big Brother has often been in the eyes of racist uproar around the world, and not necessarily by chance, as the controversial pursuit of attention is part of the nature of the program.

Bridge times the North American Big Brother and Racism debate has a new angle. The black competitors now appearing on the program are also criticized and also admired for their alliances and conspiracies against other competitors.

It is not just a matter of intrigue by the reality TV competitors, but is based on a significant guiding principle of the large CBS channel presenting the program.

Let’s go through that as a background before what Big Brother is. In the program format, a number of competitors are locked into the house to compete for a substantial cash prize. Various tasks are invented for them and they are photographed 24 hours a day. This will take months, and one at a time competitors will be voted out of the house and the entire program.

In his genre Big Brother is one of the best known, and at the same time the program has also been seen to represent all the humility that comes with the reality TV concept.

Despite the criticism, the program is popular and vibrant. The program format developed in the Netherlands in 1999 is still presented as localized versions in many countries, and in the United States and Canada, the series has already reached its 23rd production season. The season started two months ago and the last episodes will be shown in a couple of weeks.

From the past In contrast to the years now underway in North America Big Brother season has brought an exceptional number of black competitors into the house. It is no coincidence.

In the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter movement, the CBS channel, which presented the program, decided last year to commit to program principles that take into account diversity, as well as topics, program author teams, and performer selections.

In practice Big Brotherin this meant that the selection of participants in the program was given different attention than in the past: at least half of the competitors must be represented in American terms; people of color group. In Finland, the term mainly corresponds to the term racized.

The decision was based on a distortion: the proportion of white participants had been particularly high in CBS’s popular reality TV shows, such as Big Brother mixed Amazing Race, Survivor and Love Island.

With its new look, CBS’s reality TV shows strive to be what they promise, that is realitya, that is, to correspond to reality.

Big Brother has, on several occasions throughout its history, been adept at racist speeches.

The New York Times drew attention racist content of the program in 2013. The magazine recalled that bullying is an integral part Big Brotheria, but at the same time pointed out how black competitors were at a disadvantage compared to white ones. There was a racist competitor in the program at the time, from whose speeches CBS refused to present a text plan before the program, stating that what was said in the program did not correspond to the company’s position.

The debate at the time also turned in part in favor of the program format, because while the speeches on screen were ugly, racism, often hailed in the United States, became visible to TV viewers. Big Brotheria in fact, the United States has also been criticized for trying to soften racist behavior by cutting it off or exposing only parts of it.

The New York Times also pointed out at the time how, in the first season of the program in North America in 2000, the house was first voted out of just a black rival.

The same thing happened in Finland this year when Big Brotherista a celebrity version was held. The black contestant was the first to be voted out.

Racism has surfaced in other countries as well At Big Brother. In the 2007 program viewers of the British version became nervous, which treated an Indian film actor involved in the program.

In the Swedish version of the program last year, two competitors were ordered out of the house for anti-Semitism and later one competitor was warned of racist naming.

The program now a different type of headlines have been written about the American version, which is now circulating and under the new programming principles. The main role has been taken by the young people involved in the program, who have allied with each other.

The group has been named The Cookout, which refers to black culture, and is counted to include six contestants. The alliance was born right in the first week of the program, and they have managed to keep the plot a secret from other competitors.

Half of the house’s 16 residents have already been evicted, but all six of the blacks are still in the race. The first person to be healed at home was greeted by a sword, who, on leaving, stated that people like him — “white bastards who had trained their abdominal muscles” — were always allowed to leave first.

The obvious strategy of The Cookout Month is to play the others out of the house first, and then move on to decide the fate of the $ 750,000 cash prize with each other.

Alliance has sparked the program in the following for and against the debate. According to others, it is understandable that blacks ally with each other in the program when, for years, similar alliances have been seen as plots of whites.

Others say the members of The Cookout will succumb to the same white rivals on the show as before: reverse racism.

Third parties have wondered how the interviews in the post-eviction polls of the program do not address the issue at all.

At the moment There are eight competitors left in the North American BB House, and only one of them is white. He has begun to suspect at least according to the Episode Analysis on the Entertainment Weekly website, some kind of alliance to be silent exists.

If in the 1970s it was thought that the revolution would not be televised, then in the 2020s television will try to get a piece of the cultural revolution for itself.

Namely, the alliance of black BB competitors has one common goal: to get the program the first black winner in its history.

Helsingin Sanomat and Nelonen, which presents Big Brother in Finland, belong to the same Sanoma Media Finland Group.