HuffPost: The voice of the group thanked by the Bratislava shooter is a woman from California

HuffPost: The voice of the group thanked by the Bratislava shooter is a woman from California

HuffPost: The voice of the group that thanked the Bratislava shooter is a woman from California

Blood, violence, fighting, terrorism – illustrative photo.

Washington – When a Slovak youth shot two men in front of the Bratislava gay bar Tepláreň (Teplárna) last October, he included in the text about his motivation for the attack a thank you to the neo-Nazi Internet community Terrorgram Collective. The leaders of the group, which encourages violence and glorifies its perpetrators, are speaking anonymously, and it has not been known who is behind the group. The American website HuffPost has now pointed out that the clues lead to a woman living in Sacramento in the US state of California.

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A group of anti-fascist activists came forward this week with information that 33-year-old Dallas Humber is the voice of audiobooks and videos that the Terrorgram Collective publishes. HuffPost reports that it was able to verify the findings published on the website of investigative group Left Coast Right Watch. Humber is also allegedly responsible for several accounts in the Telegram communication application, which the extremist group uses to spread its ideas.

The woman is described as a long-time author of illustrations with a neo-Nazi theme, some of which she probably monetized. “She also sold dildos and made videos in which she reviews various sex toys,” writes HuffPost. The website was unable to contact Humber. Neither she nor her relatives responded to requests for comment, although it was said that it was clear that she had viewed the message sent on Telegram.

The young man identified as the killer of the two victims from Zámocká Street in Bratislava mentioned the Terrorgram Collective in a section titled “special thanks” in a manifesto published at the same time as last year's attack. “Terrorgram Collective, you know who you are… You are building the future for the white revolution,” wrote 19-year-old Juraj Krajčík, who, according to investigators, committed suicide after the attack. His text reflected hatred towards members of the LGBT+ community, Jews and people of dark skin, and the police investigated the act as a terrorist attack.

According to HuffPost, it was the first time that the Terrorgram Collective was mentioned in a similar manifesto written by far-right perpetrators attacks in an attempt to inspire other people to violence. Left Coast Right Watch reports that the group enthusiastically welcomed the mention of the Bratislava shooter in the text, calling him “their” first attacker.

The Terrorgram Collective is believed to be part of the so-called Acceleration Movement, which aims to hasten the collapse of multi-ethnic Western society by committing mass murder and other acts of violence. The said group openly calls for such attacks and refers to the perpetrators of previous attacks with an undertone of white supremacy as “saints”. Last year, it published a more than 20-minute “documentary” celebrating shootings and other attacks in recent years, in which a woman's voice describes the acts as a “message of white terror”. of digital scraps” dating back to Humber's teenage years, when she began appearing in far-right corners of the Internet, writes HuffPost. The report about “one of the main propagandists” of the Terrogram Collective follows recently released court documents identifying another possible member of the group. Brandon Russel, who founded another neo-Nazi cell in the past, and his partner are facing charges that they planned an attack on the power grid in the US state of Maryland with the aim of cutting off electricity to the city of Baltimore.