Husky learned to “speak” and fell in love with the mistress

Хаски научился «говорить» и признался в любви хозяйке

Everyone who loves dogs will love this dog breed husky, who learned English to say “I love you” to her mistress.

“Talking” dog laugh Network

Husky named Simba was driving in the car with his owner and it was then decided to please the news that he loves her. 29-year-old Niani London from new Delhi (India) removed the “conversation” with a dog on video, and then posted the video online. If you listen, you will notice that the dog is perfect parody intonation women, reports

Have Nayani there are two dog breed Labrador. Simba fit right in with this team, after all, the assurances of the hostess, he is very playful and affectionate dog. Besides, now Simba, and even learned to speak.

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