Hyvia, hydrogen mobility according to Renault |  FormulaPassion.it

Hyvia, hydrogen mobility according to Renault | FormulaPassion.it

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Hyvia, hydrogen mobility according to Renault |  FormulaPassion.it

The Renault Group presented the activities of Hyvia, the new joint venture that it will deal with hydrogen mobility, born from the partnership between Losanga and Plug Power, one of the world leaders in fuel cell solutions, which boasts over 20 years of experience in electrolysers and which has already developed a network of over 100 stations capable of distributing more than 40 tons of hydrogen per day.

Renault bets on hydrogen, Hyvia is born

Hyvia will offer electrolysers, mobile storage stations and, from the end of 2021, hydrogen charging stations, assembled in Flins, France. The hydrogen charging stations, which can be bought or rented, guarantee ease of use and safety. By the end of the year, the new company will offer a range of three fuel cell commercial vehicles: Master Citybus H2-TECH, an urban minibus for the needs of companies and public bodies for the transport of up to 15 passengers, with a range of about 300 km. Master Van H2-TECH, a large van designed for professional freight transport operators, with a range of up to 500 km and a load volume of 12 m3 and finally Master Cabinet Frame H2-TECH with more cargo space with 19 m3 and a range of 250 km.

These vehicles are designed with a “Dual power” architecture: dual energy, electric and hydrogen. The autonomy reaches 500 km: 100 km of autonomy obtained thanks to electricity and the rest thanks to hydrogen. All vehicles are equipped with a 33 kWh battery, a 30 kW fuel cell and tanks with a capacity of 3 to 7 kg of hydrogen, depending on the version. “To meet the challenges of hydrogen mobility, it is necessary to propose fuel cell vehicles for all intensive uses, but also to consider the ecosystem as a whole – said David Holderbach, President of the new company Hyvia offers turnkey mobility solutions with the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen as well as a wide range of commercial vehicles. Solutions that meet the new needs of companies, large customers, fleets and public bodies, to undertake the path of energy transition together. “