I didn't see the desire to try anything, said Wágner

I didn't see the desire to try anything, said Wágner

>> first football league – return match: Pardubice – Příbram, June 4, 2023, Pardubice. From the left, Robin Hranáč from Pardubice and Tomáš Wágner from Příbram.

Pardubice – The captain of the Příbram football players, Tomáš Wágner, did not hide his anger after the return match of the tie for the first league in Pardubice. The Central Bohemians only drew with no goals and did not make it to the top league in total with Thursday's opening loss of 0:2. Wagner was saddened by the attitude of his teammates, in whom he did not see the desire and heart to try to do something with the unfavorable development. Considering the economic situation of the club, the thirty-three-year-old striker considers participation in the play-off a miracle.

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“Of course I'm angry after the game. We're a young team and I think I'm the most angry, I didn't see the desire to try something. We go to throw cars for two minutes as if it was the 20th round and we got a point. I'm sorry. It's more about those young people, if they want to prove something and play in the league. I didn't quite see the heart there, the 'let's fight for that miracle'. I think it wasn't there, I'm sorry,” Wágner said at the press conference.

According to the former under-21 representative, there are obvious economic problems at the club. “For promotion, you have to do something. If I start with our pitch, which is disastrous, then that is already some indication of whether we want to go to the league or not. Then we come to Pardubice. When you, as an impartial spectator, think about who is going to advance , so everyone will want Pardubice to advance,” said Wágner.

“Even though the fans also came to us, hats off. I was happy for that, the city came to the stadium after a long time. But the problems surrounding they are of our club. Those who understand football know about them. Until things start to improve a little, which won't be right away, we have to take the playoff as a miracle,” declared the top scorer of the past second league season with 17 goals.

Příbram led the competition after the fall, but eventually finished third behind Karvina and Vyškov. In November, coaches Marek Nikl and Tomáš Zápotočný left the club, who went to the first league České Budějovice. In the spring, after seven games, coach Dušan Uhrin Jr. quit the team, and was replaced by Karel Krejčí.

“Before the season, we absolutely changed the entire team. The boys came and I don't know if they still believed that they would play in the second league, they played mostly third. Thanks to Már Nikl and Zápo (Zápotoční), we formed a good team that stepped up,” said Wágner.

“The reward for us was the home match in the play-off. People came and thanked us for the season. Everyone wants to advance. We wanted to advance, Pardubice to save it. It's deserved, the better team stayed in the league. Pardubice were certainly better in the eyes of the viewer, they held the ball and wanted to take chances more than we did,” Wágner said.

< p>He is not yet clear about his future. “I'm not too stressed about it anymore. What's to come, will come. I'm now focused on the two matches with Pardubice. I'll see what happens next in the next few days,” said the former player of Pilsen, Mladá Boleslav, Jablonec or Zlín.