“I Italian will tell you about the hell of Wembley: 10 thousand people entered without a ticket” |  VIDEO

“I Italian will tell you about the hell of Wembley: 10 thousand people entered without a ticket” | VIDEO

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“I Italian will tell you about the hell of Wembley: 10 thousand people entered without a ticket” |  VIDEO

“By pure chance a tragedy did not happen, for I do not know what miracle the dead man did not escape”. To tell what happened in the stands of Wembley for the final of the European 2020s is M., an Italian fan who was there on Sunday evening but prefers to remain anonymous. In practice, while the Azzurri made the whole of Italy dream by winning the game, safety in the English stands was completely wavering. “At least 10 thousand people without tickets have forced the entrances, evaded the controls and entered the stadium by breaking through the accesses for the disabled, blasting not only all the anti-Covid rules, but also those of civil life. The stairs to exit were gone, it was crowded and it was dangerous ”. And the complaint made to TPI is not the only one, there are dozens of videos posted on social networks from Italians away to support the national team.

Brawls with the police, turnstiles breakdowns and delays in entrances of supporters in possession of a regular coupon, have generated moments of great confusion. They also have stolen cell phones and caused panic – continues M. – There was also tension inside the stadium, because we found all our seats occupied. And those are seats worth 945 euros, in short, not two pennies “.

Other than “English model”, therefore. The leaks were endless in the security system. The British without a ticket, as shown by the images, managed to break through some billboards that separated the area used to allow supporters in possession of a regular ticket to flow inside the Wembley stadium. Without too much effort, these fans broke into an area that it should have been armored, with all due respect to the stewards who could not resist their fury.

In other areas there was no lack of clashes with police officers, who managed to block some troublemakers with great effort and after resorting to force. Unfortunately, however, there were thousands of English fans who entered Wembley, overcoming the fences and running up the steps of the main entrance hall to the stadium, completely skipping the rigorous Covid controls and therefore the area dedicated to the certification of negative pads and certificates. vaccinations.

A spokesperson for the London facility spoke to the BBC as follows: “We are dealing with an incident that took place in the area of ​​the external security perimeter of the stadium. Security measures were quickly activated in the affected areas and there were no security breaches of people without tickets who entered the stadium ”. However, statements that have been denied by the testimonies of fans such as M, “regular” present inside the Wembley stadium. Many of these, in fact, upon arrival at their numbered place, found a nasty surprise or their seat occupied by people who entered without a ticket who managed to get away with it.

As if that were not enough, even all spectators in possession of the regular ticket had to deal with major problems at the time of entry due to an electrical fault in the turnstiles. Suffice it to say that even the families of some Italian players have had many problems: “The group of Italians with me remained hours and hours without drinking for absurd anti-contagion rules, only to find himself in chaos“, Explains M. An unthinkable situation for how the British organizers had presented and sold the“ armored ”situation to Webley.