I never and the search for personal identity

I never and the search for personal identity

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I never and the search for personal identity

Devi Vishwakumar is a first generation Indian teenager in the United States who studies at Sherman Oaks High School and who is in search of her personal and cultural identity. While this happens, she deals with family and personal conflicts due to her character, but she also faces stereotypes and discrimination along with her best friends: Fabiola and Eleanor, two young girls descended from other cultures just like her.

This is the plot of ‘Never have I’, the youth series that has just premiered its second season on Netflix and that with sharpness and a good dose of black humor addresses these issues and others that are added such as mourning, sexual development , inheritance and friendship.

The Republic spoke with some members of the cast through the zoom, Among them, the Canadian actress of Indian origin Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, (Devi), who said that, like her character, she has lived closely the discrimination. “It is hard to be a brunette and also young woman, and within the industry of course it is difficult, but it is also part of life,” acknowledges the 19-year-old, although she admits that she takes it as a challenge. “On some days it can be difficult to be myself, and that not only happens in this industry or in another in specific, in general it is part of our identity. It is definitely a battle and I am very happy to face it, ”he adds.

His co-star, actress Ramona Young (23), who plays Eleanor Wong, Devi’s friend of Asian descent, points out that despite the existence of racial and religious discrimination in society, things are improving. “We need to continue with a lot of patience because it is a big problem, we need a lot more diversity and be patient, but I think things are changing little by little, ”he says.

Lee Rodriguez (21), who plays Fabiola, the other Afro-descendant partner of the protagonist, highlights that I never, also boldly tackles the topic of teenage friendship And that like her role, she is grateful to have good friends in real life. “I have the best friends, what’s more, all those who accompany me in this interview are really very good friends of mine, I value very much the connection that I have had with each one of them from the bottom of my heart,” he says.

As in any school story, Devi must deal with arrogant and unkind classmates like Ben Gross, her nemesis. The actor who assumes the role, Jaren Lewison (20), admits that his character is somewhat irritating, but that he has many similarities with him. “I love playing different sports, something that is a little different from what Ben does in the series, but yes, I am quite competitive, if someone challenges me in whatever it is, I will definitely want to win, so I do look alike in that respect. to my character and I think it’s always good to have that winning attitude ”.

Darren Barnet, who plays Paxton Hall Yoshida, Devi’s classmate, sums up the message of I never have: “I think the serieshelps you discover how to find confidence and security in yourself, and understand that this does not depend on anyone else, only on you, and if you are looking for it in someone else, then that relationship will only flourish if you have first managed to love yourself since the bottom of your heart.

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