Ibiza: French Comedy about an atypical family vacation

"Ибица": французская комедия о нетипичном семейном отдыхе

The mother of two teenagers and her new boyfriend, never went on holiday to Ibiza, if not deal with children.

The plot of “Ibiza” a fairly typical and predictable. Children of the main character Carol, played by Mathilde Seigner, are not enthusiastic about fat drag, which must now take over a new Pope. Stepfather, by the way, played a nominee for “French Oscar”, a Cesar award, Christian clavier. The children came up previous, the present Pope, who, however, left my mom for a waitress from the General bar of the spouses.

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"Ибица": французская комедия о нетипичном семейном отдыхе

Ibiza: official still from the film

Philip is, in the opinion of children too old and the alarming fact that may play table games a little longer than eternity. Of course, he is ready to fight for the love of the children of his beloved and tries to find the teenagers approach. Even if it would threaten his calm and measured way of life.

The main character promises his son Julien on vacation, where the fact only want. But there are two conditions: small protects a bachelor’s degree, well a vacation the whole family is going. As we can see from the title of the film, Julien chooses Ibiza. Not the best place for the elderly Frenchman who loves peace.

"Ибица": французская комедия о нетипичном семейном отдыхе

Ibiza: official still from the film

Philip manages to go through fire and water: that his problem is with gays in the plane, he offered the drugs at the airport, the nerd accidentally consume these drugs… the Family goes through conflicts, storms and the relationship between them until the end of the movie standardized. We will not go into the details of the adventure in Ibiza, but the film is basically built on the contrast between the calm character of Philip and turbulent surroundings in which he finds himself.

Although it may seem that the innocent movie, rating it 16+. So Ibiza is not very suitable for family viewing. On IMDb, the film was estimated at 5.0.

Ibiza: watch movie trailer online

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