IBM will install three data processing centers in Madrid to ensure cloud services to companies

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IBM will install three data processing centers in Madrid to ensure cloud services to companies

Office building with the IBM logo.Reuters

The American technology multinational IBM will install a Multizone Cloud Region in Spain, which will consist of three data processing centers (in Madrid, Las Rozas and Alcobendas) connected to each other and to the Internet backbone network. The objective of this project, which is scheduled to open in 2023, is to provide companies with cloud technology services – remote access to programming, storage and data processing – safely and without interruption. The director of IBM Spain, Horacio Morell, explains that the investment for the installation of these three centers is the largest made by the company in this country, although the company does not detail the number or number of jobs it will create, which they number in “hundreds”. The first client agreed for this service is CaixaBank, which plans to develop cloud access tools in its financial services.

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The American company already has ten Cloud Multizone Regions in the world, and another four under construction. These complex data centers are key to making cloud services secure and instant. “Having three centers connected to each other and very close to each other allows that, if one fails, the service is maintained 99.9% of the time. This, along with encryption and low latency of communications [el tiempo de respuesta entre que se da una orden y se ejecuta] it allows companies to carry out many applications ”, Morell explains. “Cloud technology has many advantages but we see that it is not being used at the rate we expected, because companies are afraid of being without service, because they do not trust the security of communications or for other reasons. These centers give access to the most open, secure and best-prepared cloud for regulated companies ”, he adds.

The first client for this complex will be CaixaBank, the financial group to which they will offer cloud services “to boost the bank’s digital capabilities,” IBM said in a statement. “We are developing vertical services in the cloud for different industrial sectors, and one of them is financial. Banks are very behind in cloud technology, because they have had regulatory obstacles ”, explains Morell, who highlights that almost half of their cloud business comes from banking, the star product being cloud applications of the computer system SAP. “But any application can be carried out in the cloud. We are committed to a hybrid cloud, which will have a public part and a private part, so that whatever you want to do in it can be done ”, Morell highlights. CaixaBank, which has been an IBM client for 50 years, will launch its CloudNow project based on this agreement

The multinational has carried out several investments in Spain in the past, from the computer system of the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona to the investment in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. This time they have chosen Madrid to locate their centers dedicated to cloud technology. “It has a very good geographic location and there is a high demand for cloud services. From here we will provide services to companies in Spain but also in Europe ”, explains the director. The announcement comes the same week that Microsoft announced that it would open an artificial intelligence research center in Barcelona.