Ichi Hatano goes from skin to canvas – Explica .co

Ichi Hatano goes from skin to canvas – Explica .co

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Ichi Hatano goes from skin to canvas – Explica .co

Ichi Hatano goes from skin to canvas – Explica .co

TOKYO. Ichi Hatano He’s a tattoo artist in Tokyo, but since the pandemic, his often foreign clientele has shrunk. So when he heard about the explosion of the digital art market thanks to blockchain technology, he decided to jump in and now presents the CripTokio sample.

It’s great for an artist to have a new market opening up, that creates a lot of possibilities, ”said 44-year-old Ichi Hatano in his tattoo parlor upholstered with his favorite motifs.

Going from human skin to dematerialized art does not disturb him. “My work is the same, my creative process too,” he says.

Ichi Hatano never sold a virtual work, but he says he “feels” the potential of this market while presenting five works of this category in the CripTokio exhibition, in a gallery in the Harajuku neighborhood.

It is the first crypto art exhibition ever mounted in Tokyo, ”says its 27-year-old curator, Sascha Bailey, CEO of Blockchain Art Exchange (BAE), an online sales platform specializing in this segment.

The blockchain, a decentralized and secure information storage and transmission technology, present at the heart of cryptocurrencies such as
bitcoin, blew up the world market for digital art.

Because being associated with NFT (cryptographic token) –property certificates based on the blockchain– any virtual creation can be the object of commercial transactions.


TeamLab Planets, the Japanese museum in which the visitor walks and becomes one of the flowers, presents different immersive installations. The first, Floating flower garden: flowers and I are the same, by Toshiyuki Inoko; the second, Drawing on the water surface and the third, Floating in the falling universe of flowers.

Visitors enter the museum barefoot and together with the other attendees become part of the work.


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