ICT, 100,000 tech figures requested in Italy

ICT, 100,000 tech figures requested in Italy

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ICT, 100,000 tech figures requested in Italy

If the employment scenario is still dominated by uncertainty – especially after the decline in the labor market in 2020 – it remains ample space instead for the ‘restructuring’ of the links between training courses and the professional world. To prove it is the world

ICT where the request for resources only for Italy is 100,000 figures in the tech sector. Thus aulab, the Italian Coding Factory active since 2014 in edutech and specialized in programming and software development courses, has relaunched its Hackademy and, in just 3 months, ensures that you can “acquire the necessary skills to start a new career as web developer “.

According to aulab data, the percentage of students of the Hackademy course belonging to the Neet category is close to 60%. These are mainly young people between 24 and 30 years old (40.7%), followed by 30-36 year olds (28.3%) and high school graduates between 18 and 24 years old (18%), while the remaining 17% are over 36. In 72% of cases they have a higher license, but 14% with a university master also stands out. In any case, they are not expected to have previous IT skills.

“Young people are looking for training courses in which an agile and specialized methodology is offered and in which there are strong links with market demands “explains Giancarlo Valente, Cto of aulab.” Precisely for this reason, at the end of the course we are committed to making our career advisors available to students to support them in creating a LinkedIn profile effective and in preparing for job interviews “underlines the manager.

“Not only that: we have developed – adds Calente – an internal recruiting platform that also allows the direct search for a new job, thanks to the close relationships we have built over time with over 100 companies active in the IT sector. “And aulab highlights that the numbers speak for themselves: the placement rate of students in the hackademy course is 95%, of which 73% by 60 days from the end of the course.

On the occasion of the end of the school year and in conjunction with the departure of the next courses and the new scholarship – organized together with SheTech and dedicated to developers – aulab has also collected the testimonies of some students who have chosen to rely on a course professionalizing to actively build their career in the web development sector.