ID.Life, the small 20 thousand euro EV from Volkswagen |

ID.Life, the small 20 thousand euro EV from Volkswagen |

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ID.Life, the small 20 thousand euro EV from Volkswagen |

At first glance it looks like a Fiat 127 in a modern key: but it is actually an electric Volkswagen that aims to greatly reduce the cost of entry into the battery car market. There Volkswagen ID.Life it will have a price from 20 thousand to 25 thousand euros, thanks to an adaptation of the MEB platform to encapsulate everything that is necessary for urban driving in a short-length vehicle.

The ID.Life was presented at the IAA auto show in Munich. The downsizing of the wheelbase from 2800 to 2500 mm allowed the use of the electric platform without losing strength and usability; the system can also be used for the next very compact seats. Volkswagen brand administrator Ralf Brandstaetter said this family of small cars “most likely” will be built in Spain, along with the batteries.

0The model should be equipped with a 57 kilowatt hour battery, capable of providing a range of 400 km. The electric motor has been moved to the front of the car: it is therefore the first front-wheel drive MEB model. The 231 horsepower of the electric motor offers acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. Inside there are no touch screens, but the phone or tablet contains the infotainment ‘system’: to make the mobile phone a fixed display, simply place it on the dashboard; it will be a magnet to give it stability. Driving information can be given on the device or on a head-up display, projected onto the windshield (best option in terms of safety, since the phone is a perennial source of distraction).

There is no mention of autonomous driving, but certainly Volkswagen’s computer system inside the car can receive over-the-air updates. The front seats can be completely folded down to allow viewing of a movie, full windshield, when the car is stationary. The mirrors are replaced by cameras. The interiors offer elements built with recyclable material (plastic and textiles in particular).

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