Idar-Oberstein: Protection of the Constitution: Deadly gas station attack no surprise

Idar-Oberstein: Protection of the Constitution: Deadly gas station attack no surprise

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Idar-Oberstein: Protection of the Constitution: Deadly gas station attack no surprise

D.he fatal attack on a gas station cashier after a dispute over the corona mask requirement does not come as a surprise from the point of view of the Thuringian constitution protection president Stephan Kramer. “The cold-blooded murder of the student who worked as a gas station cashier is terrible, but no surprise to me in view of the constant escalation in recent weeks,” Kramer told the editorial network Germany (RND / Tuesday). He and his colleagues had warned of the potential for aggression. “It is regrettable that there always have to be deaths before the danger is taken seriously.”

A 49-year-old is said to have shot a 20-year-old cashier at a gas station in Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate) on Saturday evening. The student is said to have informed the alleged shooter about the mask requirement when buying beer.

Kramer said that the escalation of right-wing conspiracy fantasies by aggressive and violent citizens has been observed for months. Even people previously known as not being ready to use violence were freaking out, mobbing and rioting more and more often. “The increasing aggressiveness can be felt everywhere in everyday life.”

According to the prosecutor, the investigation will take a few more weeks. “We have to get a clear picture of ourselves now,” said Chief Public Prosecutor Kai Fuhrmann on Tuesday of the German Press Agency in Mainz. During this time, the authority does not want to issue any “water level reports” about the status of the investigation. “The fine-tuning of the investigation is only really starting now.”

The perpetrator was previously inconspicuous

The investigators hope for more clarity from the evaluation of the seized electronic devices of the 49-year-old man. Fuhrmann did not want to provide any information about his life situation during the ongoing investigation. The man has never been noticed by the police anywhere, not even as a participant in a demonstration. “He did not legally own the weapons.” Where they came from is still completely unclear.

The 49-year-old is said to have shot the seller in Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate) in the head on Saturday evening after he had warned him twice about the mask requirement when buying beer. He is in custody on suspicion of murder. There is no evidence that the perpetrator and the victim knew each other.

The German from Idar-Oberstein confessed to the fact. He testified that he rejected the corona measures. Fuhrmann said that the motive was that the corona pandemic was a major burden on him. He felt pushed into a corner and “saw no other way out” than to set an example. The victim seemed to him “responsible for the overall situation, since it had enforced the rules,” said Fuhrmann.

The Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock reacted shaken to the attack. “The radicalization of the maverick community is causing me great concern,” wrote Baerbock on Twitter on Tuesday. “We are all challenged to stand against the increasing hatred.” CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak reacted in a similar way. “A young person is almost executed for pointing out the mask requirement,” wrote Ziemiak on Twitter and spoke of an “unbelievable degree of radicalization”.