Igor Nikolaev hospitalized with suspected coronavirus – media

Игорь Николаев госпитализирован с подозрением на коронавирус, – СМИ

60-year-old pop singer Igor Nikolaev is a specialist hospital in the village of Kommunarka. He passed the test for the coronavirus, the results of which will be known in three days.

Russian singer and composer was forced to turn to doctors with suspected coronavirus, according to the publication . Today, 26 March, Igor Nikolaev took all the necessary tests, the results of which will be known only after three days.

It is known that the medical establishment in the village of Kommunarka near Moscow at the present time specializiruetsya on the diagnosis of the virus Covid-19. Days turned to another well-known artist Lev Leshchenko. Its a test for coronavirus showed a positive result, and the disease caused bilateral pneumonia.

Who knows where Igor Nikolaev could catch a disease. Three days ago in his instagram he published a post that announced that is in isolation and adhere to quarantine: “Picture from the past, dekorativnoi life: the four hands playing with ray Charles in the Park Montreux. Was it? And most importantly, will there be another? All good health! Take care of each other!”

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