Illegal immigrants who crossed the U.S. border, died, lost in the mountains

Illegal immigrants who crossed the U.S. border, died, lost in the mountains Author: Alina Dykman California immigrants Mexico illegal immigrants US news San Diego Нелегальные иммигрантки, которые пересекли границу США, погибли, заблудившись в горах

Three women died, lost in a remote area of the mountains of Laguna in California.

The victims were part of a group of five illegal immigrantswho crossed the U.S. border and Mexico on Monday evening.

Reported agent Aaron Heide, the new head of the border patrol in San Diego. Members of this group suffered from hypothermiawhen she called 911.

According to the National weather service, the temperature on an Indian reservation La Posta and in the community of mount Laguna, near which was discovered the group was 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit (around zero Celsius). On mount Laguna, in addition, has dropped up to 7 inches of snow.

The border patrol agents were able to get to the affected around 17 o’clock, about three hours after the group asked for help, but by that time women were already in critical condition and later died.

Two Mexican men traveling with the group, survived. One 37 years old and the other 22.

According to agents, online reservation, located about 10 miles Northwest of the interstate 8 (Interstate 8) – this is a very distant, complex and dull terrain.

“This incident led to the tragic loss of life. We have said many times: don’t give your life or the lives of their loved ones in the hands of ruthless smugglers,” – said Hyde.

Agents arrested two men on suspicion of illegal entry into the United States. Women’s bodies will be transferred to the coroner of the County of San Diego.

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