Ilona Gvozdeva recounted how the divorce of Ostapchuk has affected her reputation

The dancer admitted that he does not communicate with the showman.

Илона Гвоздева рассказала, как развод Остапчука повлиял на ее репутацию

Choreographer Ilona Gvozdeva does not hide the fact that angry with host Vladimir Ostapchuk, who is divorcing his wife Elena Voychenko.

As you know, Ostapchuk said that leaves the family during participation in the project “Tents with stars”, which fought for the victory in pair with Ilona hammer. How to tell the dancer from the TSN website.ia solution lead a very negative impact on her reputation and her family.

“Regarding the scandal in the family I will not give any comments. It’s not my business, let them examine themselves. But the fact that the project “Dances with stars z” with his statement about divorce Vladimir Ostapchuk has caused moral injury to me and my family, as well as put a stain on my reputation is a fact. I wish them to solve their problems with minimum losses for both and that the children were happy,” said Ilona.

To the question, not trying Ostapchuk to stick to Ilona, the actress replied sharply in the negative. “We with Vladimir was exclusively a working relationship. After the end of the project we don’t communicate,” said Gvozdev.

We will remind that Vladimir Ostapchuk divorced his wife Elena Voychenko after a 14-year relationship. The couple has two children, 6-year-old daughter Emilia and almost two year old son, Evan Alexander. The other day Elena gave an interview in which has told about numerous infidelities, ex-blessed. In turn, Ostapchuk said that actually it is not so. He never cheated on his wife. In addition the host has found an explanation for the act of a former lover. He said that “maybe she’s not used to the new status and independent living”.

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