IMSS Tamaulipas.  Counselor asks to investigate corruption in acquisitions

IMSS Tamaulipas. Counselor asks to investigate corruption in acquisitions

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IMSS Tamaulipas.  Counselor asks to investigate corruption in acquisitions

Victor Hugo Duran

Tampico / 07.07.2021 19:36:49

Representatives of the commercial section from Tamaulipas They request an investigation into officials of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) about the purchase of medicines to a single supplier, to make yourself known an audio where said practice is carried out for the Hospital on Nuevo Laredo.

According to the recording you listen to Javier Mendoza Banda, Head of Medical Benefits of the state delegation, order the hospital director Alejandro Soto Villa, buy without bidding directly from the company Capace Médical SA de CV. Hence, the request comes from the counselor Christiaan Pérez Cosío.

In the audio Director Soto Villa is heard questioning what to do if the companies from which he was ordered to buy do not have the products requested and if he authorizes to quote with others, but receives the negative. “Nothing has been quoted with whom they were told, there is not a single quotation. I gave you an instruction on the subject “said Mendoza Banda, who within his functions does not have the powers to intervene in purchases.

“As state counselor of the institute, I am against any manifestation of corruption and more those with which, by trying to favor a certain provider, may affect the service, lack of medicines or surgical material to the detriment of IMSS beneficiaries across the state “, said Pérez Cosio.

At the same time, the member of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce (Fecanaco) mentioned that he will recommend IMSS Tamaulipas Advisory Council Yet the delegate Velia Patricia Silva Delfín, remove Mendoza Banda from his assignment, as long as these alleged acts of corruption, where the Internal control organ and the Public Function Secretary.

On the other hand, administrative versions assure that Javier Mendoza Banda has ordered to direct the purchases of medicines, healing materials, services and even supplier contracts with companies related to him, approved by him and with cost overruns of up to 500 percent.