In 51 years I started all over again – Celine Dion on the criticism of the fans, the death of her husband and a new life

В 51 год я начала все сначала, – Селин Дион о критике фанатов, смерти мужа и новой жизни

Famous canadian singer, which has been repeatedly recognized pop diva, has agreed to touchingly candid interviews with well-known gloss Elle. When talking 51-year-old Celine Dion has touched the subject of his present life, the loss of the only love, and admitted as a response to the criticism from the fans.

A well-known name is always a great labour, because the public can’t show their weaknesses and talk about topics that are addicts, that is exactly how celebrities describe their style of life. However, the 51-year-old pop singer Celine Dion has proved that it is an old stereotype, which it categorically does not comply. Therefore, in her interview with Elle opened the most secret corners of his soul and spoke on sensitive issues.

The first thing she told me – the death of her husband Rene Angelil, which was not in 2016. According to her, she managed to convince myself that he will always be there for her.

It is very painful to lose the love of your life (pauses for a minute, Elle). But now I’m fine because I see Renee every day in their sons. My husband, just different. It is part of me, it sings to me,
assured Celine Dion.

Then assured that after their 50th anniversary, she realized that life does not begin at 18 and not 30, namely 50, because currently she’s made a lot of new projects and plans for the future.

I’m starting over … Record an album, go to fashion Week, attending shows, walking around Paris, go to museums. I allowed myself to live to the fullest. In my youth, I only sang. Vocal chords ruled my life. I was a singer and all. Sure you have the best years,
with positive said the canadian pop diva.

However, for her present life, she couldn’t not talk about the criticism from detractors and even fans. In fact, after its effective output during the fashion Week in Paris, the tabloid headlines blazed the news on her excessive thinness at the age of 51.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t care what they say about me and write. But I just reached the level when you can afford to make their own decisions, not apologizing for your choices. And well, thanks to l’oreal Paris (at 51, the singer became the face of the brand – LifeStyle 24) I can help other women to raise self esteem to say that they too are strong, beautiful and deserve the best
assured Celine Dion.

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