In Arcadia lane car rammed the fence of the apartment complex (video)

В Аркадийском переулке иномарка протаранила ограждение жилого комплекса (видео)

The driver of the Chevrolet Lacetti did not notice that the road ended and the car crashed into the fence of a residential complex. It happened after midnight in Arcadia lane.

Video published on the website of the Odesa municipal establishment “Center 077”.

Assume, barely sleeping inhabitants of nearby houses, and residential complex, the fence of which rammed night breaker, long lost sleep over the roar of collapsing metal. Devastating for the fence strike has occurred about half first night on 18 February. Perhaps in the hope that rides on the road with 4 (6?) band movement, the hapless driver does not fit into the narrow gap and relish ramming the fence of an apartment complex. About the reasons of such inadequate reaction of the motorist can only guess. In such cases, the range of possible versions is quite wide: from unexpected SMS to a sudden technical fault… In any case, still glad that most people at this time slept, and the sidewalk, which is in the process of the accident flew the car was empty, — commented on the video staff of “Center-007”.

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